Division of Police
   EDITOR'S NOTE: The City enters into Agreements with the F.O.P. and the E.P.P.A. providing for benefits and other incidents of employment for members of the Division of Police. Such Agreements are negotiated every two years and copies of the same and all relevant legislation may be obtained, at cost, from the Clerk of Council.
   Ordinance 2000-46, passed March 20, 2000, authorized the City to enter into a mutual aid contract with the Board of County Commissioners, the Lorain County Sheriff and other Lorain County municipalities to provide mutual police assistance in the interchange and the use of personnel and equipment.
   All references to "Solicitor" in this chapter have been changed to "Law Director" to reflect the Charter Amendment passed by the electors on May 8, 2001, and upon the adoption of Ordinance 2001-96, passed June 4, 2001.
135.01   Personnel; bonds.
135.011   Age requirements.
135.02   Women’s Bureau.
135.03   Executive head of Division; powers and duties.
135.04   Division to be maintained under civil service.
135.05   Salaries paid for service in accordance with rules.
135.06   Temporary policemen and officers.
135.07   Work week.
135.08   School crossing guards.
135.09   Private police officers.
135.10   Special or private police.
135.11   Days off in lieu of holidays.
135.111   Vacations.
135.12   Watchman calls.
135.13   College incentive program.
135.14   Bureau of Weights and Measures.
135.15   Mandatory retirement.  (Repealed)
135.16   False arrest insurance.
135.17   Compensatory time off.
135.18   Police bargaining agent.  (Repealed)
135.19   Inmate medical bills.
135.20   Liability insurance.
135.21   Police protection outside corporate limits.
135.22   Reimbursement for cellular telephone call charges.
135.23   Park rangers.
135.24   Housing of prisoners from other jurisdictions in the City Jail.
   Department of Safety and Service - see CHTR. § 10.04
   Distribution of obscenity statutes by Attorney General - see Ohio R.C. 109.40
   Assistance of State Criminal Bureau - see Ohio R.C. 109.51 et seq.
   Peace officer training certificate - see Ohio R.C. 109.77
   Original appointment, probationary period and age - see Ohio R.C. 124.27, 124.30, 124.41
   Promotions - see Ohio R.C. 124.31, 124.44
   Police Chief suspension - see Ohio R.C. 124.34, 124.40
   Police protection contracts - see Ohio R.C. 505.441, 737.04
   Composition and control - see Ohio R.C. 715.05, 737.05
   Civil service application - see Ohio R.C. 737.051, 737.10, 737.11
   Appointment of emergency patrolmen - see Ohio R.C. 737.10
   Police officer may arrest on view - see Ohio R.C. 2935.03, 2935.05, 2935.07
   Assaulting police dogs - see GEN. OFF. 541.09