A college incentive program shall be adopted for firemen upon the certification of an accredited fire science course and degree, at the Lorain County Community College. Such program, when implemented, will be as follows:
   (a)   The base pay of a fireman shall be increased one dollar ($1.00) per month for each credit hour of approved fire science course successfully completed.
   (b)   A passing grade of C or better is required in order for the individual fireman to get credit under such incentive program.
   (c)   The course selection shall be based on courses at the Lorain County Community College leading to a fire science degree.
   (d)   A maximum of ninety-six credit hours shall be available for credit under this college incentive program.
   (e)   No credit shall be earned until fifteen credit hours have been earned by the individual fireman.
   (f)   Credit shall be given for approved courses successfully completed by a grade of C or better prior to adoption of this program or prior to employment as a fireman.
   (g)   The longevity program in effect for fireman, as stipulated in the current compensation ordinance, shall not be considered for additional pay under this program.
   (h)   A board is hereby created consisting of the Fire Chief, one fireman and the Safety-Service Director for the purpose of determining whether or not a course is an approved fire science course.
(Ord. 70-217. Passed 12-28-70.)