(a)    Each member of the Fire Division shall be granted compensatory time off at the rate of two hours off for each one hour or part of one hour of overtime duty, with a minimum of four hours credited to be repaid at the above two for one ratio as follows:
      (1)   Each time an individual is called in from off-duty.
      (2)   Excluding the first hour, all time worked when held over beyond the ending time of a tour of duty.
      (3)   For mandatory attendance at special training, schools, seminars or conferences on the members own time, but excluding college accredited courses for which compensation is already being awarded, and the mandatory education requirements of the State of Ohio for new firemen.
      (4)   Testifying in court, on the members own time, when the case is pertinent to Fire Division business.
      (5)   Any meetings or activities concerning Fire Division business called by the Chief or Acting Chief.
   (b)   Compensatory time off shall be accumulated as follows:
      (1)   Each individual member of the Fire Division may accumulate a maximum of two tours of duty in one calendar year.
      (2)   Any amount up to and including two tours of duty not used by an individual member shall be carried into the next calendar year.
   (c)   Compensatory time off shall be granted as follows:
      (1)   Requests for compensatory time off shall be granted at the discretion of the Chief or an Assistant Chief, under the Fire Division procedure governing Leave of Absence.
      (2)   Compensatory time off shall be used in no less than one hour increments.
(Ord. 72-242. Passed 12-18-72.)