The work of the Department of Safety and Service shall be distributed among the following organizational units:
   a.   The Division of Fire;
   b.   The Division of Police, which may include an auxiliary police unit and shall include a Bureau of Weights and Measures;
   c.   The Division of Building and Zoning Inspection;
   d.   The Division of Communications;
   e.   The Division of Engineering;
   f.   The Division of Streets;
   g.   The Division of Public Buildings and Works, which shall include a Bureau of Parking Meter Collection and Maintenance and a Bureau of Building Maintenance;
   h.   The Division of Utilities, which shall include a Bureau of Water Pumping, a Bureau of Water Distribution, a Bureau of Sewage Treatment, a Bureau of Sanitation, and a Public Utilities Office;
   i.   The Division of Cemeteries;
   j.   The Division of Forestry; and
   k.   Such other divisions; bureaus and other organizational units as may be created or modified by ordinance of Council.
(Amended 5-8-01)