Affirmative Action
167.01   Purpose; scope; objectives.
167.02   Definitions.
167.03   Utilization analysis.
167.04   Corrective Action Programs; recruitment; testing; training.
167.05   Parties responsible for program implementation.
167.06   Dissemination of policy.
167.07   Internal audit and reporting system; grievances.
167.08   Contractor compliance procedure.
167.09   Responsibility for contract implementation.
167.10   Contract disposition.
167.11   Exemption of bids from certain requirements.
   Bidder for certain public contracts to obtain certificate of compliance - see Ohio R.C. 9.47
   Provisions to be in all contracts with State or subdivision - see Ohio R.C. 125.111
   Discrimination by contractors - see ADM. 113.03
   Interfering with civil rights - see GEN. OFF. 525.13
   Fair housing practices - see BUS. REG. Ch. 725