137.081  VACATIONS
   All members of the Fire Division shall be granted the following vacation leave with full pay, based upon their length of service as follows:
Length of Service (years)
Length of Vacation (calendar weeks)
1 but less than 2
2 but less than 10
10 but less than 16
16 or more
   (a)   An employee becomes eligible for vacation leave on his employment anniversary date, and vacation leave shall be taken by the employee within twelve months after it is earned.
   (b)   If an employee is terminated, voluntarily or involuntarily, prior to taking his vacation, he shall receive the prorated portion of any fully earned but unused vacation leave at the time of separation. In the case of death of an employee, the unused vacation leave shall be paid to his estate.
   (c)   If a recognized holiday falls within an employee's vacation leave, the employee shall receive an additional paid vacation day in lieu of the holiday either at the beginning or end of his vacation.
   (d)   Members of the Fire Division, in scheduling their vacation period, shall begin scheduling their vacation periods in accordance with the procedures established by the Fire Division.
(Ord. 74-284. Passed 12-2-74.)