(a)   The Police Division shall be composed of the following officers and personnel, each of whom shall receive the respective salaries now or hereafter fixed by Council, payable biweekly out of the Public Safety Fund of the City, and shall be bonded under the blanket surety bond in the amount of seven thousand five hundred dollars ($7,500) provided by the City:
      (1)   1 Chief of Police;
      (2)   3 Captains;
      (3)   6 Lieutenants;
      (4)   13 Sergeants;
      (5)   78 Patrolmen.
   In no event shall the total strength of the Division exceed the sum of all officers and patrolmen enumerated in paragraphs (1) through (5) hereof, or an aggregate strength of 102.
(Ord. 2000-150.  Passed 8-7-00.)
   (b)   When the positions of one or two Lieutenants become vacant, either upon retirement, termination of employment with the City, promotion or for any other reason, the position shall not be filled. This policy shall operate to create one or two openings in the rank of Sergeant, which shall then be filled in the manner prescribed by law. In no event shall there be fewer than seven Lieutenants or more than fourteen Sergeants. This subsection shall not infringe upon or operate to the detriment of any personnel currently holding the rank of Lieutenant.
   The authorized strength of the Division shall not exceed eighty Patrolmen. The position of Policewoman is hereby abolished and merged into the rank of Patrolman.
(Ord. 92-243.  Passed 12-7-92; Ord. 97-288.  Passed 11-17-97.)