There is hereby established compensatory time off for all police officers of the Police Division as follows:
   (a)   Each police officer of the Police Division shall be granted a minimum of four hours or double time off, whichever is greater compensatory time off for special overtime duty:
      (1)   Testifying in court (Juvenile, Common Pleas, Municipal, Grand Jury, State Liquor Control Hearings);
      (2)   For attendance at special schools or conferences on the police officer's own time, excluding college accredited courses for which compensation is already being awarded, and 240 hours of mandatory educational requirements of the State for new policemen;
   (b)   Each police officer shall be granted compensatory time off of one hour for each hour or fraction of an hour over one-quarter of an hour of overtime duty as follows:
      (1)   Each time a police officer is required to arrive early for a shift or held over on a shift for special events, sporting events, parades, civil disturbances, investigations or conferences.
(Ord. 72-171. Passed 10-2-72.)