General Provisions
   51.01   Authority to provide and regulate water service
   51.02   Water Company established
   51.03   Water Company; management and control
   51.04   Definitions
Connections and Usage Regulations
   51.15   Metered service; separate pipes and meters
   51.16   Water taps and meter installation
   51.17   Use regulations
   51.18   Premises vacated, sold, or rented; notification; shut-off
   51.19   Service refusal or cancellation
   51.20   Connections outside town limits
Rates and Charges
   51.30   Monthly payment
   51.31   Delinquent bills
   51.32   Tap and meter installation charges
   51.33   Meter deposit by renters or contract purchasers and fire hydrant meter rentals
   51.34   Monthly usage charges
   51.35   Fire hydrant charge
   51.36   Automatic sprinkler system; monthly charge
Use of Water During Emergencies
   51.50   Declaration of emergency
   51.51   Mandatory water conservation; exceptions
   51.52   Violations
   51.53   Service cancellation
   51.54   Enforcement
   Appendix:   Schedule of Rates and Charges