General Provisions
   52.001   Authority to provide and regulate sewage disposal service
   52.002   Sewerage Works established
   52.003   Sewerage Works; management and control
   52.004   Enforcement; adoption of regulations
   52.005   State and federal requirements; compliance required
   52.006   Definitions
Discharge to Public Sewers
   52.020   Unsanitary waste and wastewater disposal prohibited
   52.021   Polluted discharge into natural outlet prohibited
   52.022   Discharge of unpolluted waters restricted
   52.023   Private sewage disposal restricted
   52.024   Toilet and sanitary sewer connection required
Private Sewage Disposal Systems
   52.035   Requirements for connection
   52.036   Construction; permit required
   52.037   Inspection
   52.038   System requirements
   52.039   Available public sewer; connection required
   52.040   Operation
   52.041   Additional requirements
Building Sewers
   52.055   Building sewer permit
   52.056   Building sewer costs
   52.057   Requirement
   52.058   Old building sewers
   52.059   Specifications
   52.060   Clean water drain connections prohibited
   52.061   Connection requirements
   52.062   Inspection required prior to connection
   52.063   Excavations; safety measures; restoration
Industrial Discharges
   52.075   Prohibited and restricted discharges
   52.076   Control of restricted discharges
   52.077   Pretreatment of industrial wastes
   52.078   Grease, oil, and sand interceptors and traps
   52.079   Discharge of unpolluted waters
   52.080   Polluted industrial cooling water; pretreatment and discharge
   52.081   Measurement, testing, and analysis
   52.082   Notification of unusual discharges
   52.083   Right to reject wastes or require pretreatment
Administration and Enforcement
   52.095   Right of entry; safety rules
   52.096   Connections outside town limits
   52.097   Violations; remedies; liability
Rates and Charges
   52.110   User charges required; user classes
   52.111   Rates and charges; industrial monitoring; deposits
   52.112   Connection and tap charges
   52.113   Determining water usage; special rules
   52.114   Excessive strength surcharge
   52.115   Sludge disposal rates
   52.116   Special rate contracts
   52.117   Billing and collection
   52.118   Reserved
   52.119   Right to appeal charges
   52.120   Free service prohibited
Stormwater User Rates
   52.130   Definitions
   52.131   Stormwater system user fee
   52.132   Stormwater system user fee structure
   52.133   Fee establishment procedure
   52.134   Schedule of rates
   52.135   Billing and payment; penalties
   52.136   Adjustment of fees
   52.137   Stormwater revenue fund
   52.138   Repealer and severability
   Appendix A:   Schedule of Monthly Rates
   Appendix B:   Schedule of Sludge Disposal Rates