Health, Sanitation and Animals
   Sec. 7-1-10   Definitions
   Sec. 7-1-20   Common law nuisances
   Sec. 7-1-30   Powers of County Health Department
   Sec. 7-1-40   Author of nuisances
   Sec. 7-1-50   Prohibition of nuisances
   Sec. 7-1-60   Ascertaining nuisances
   Sec. 7-1-70   Constitution of separate offense
   Sec. 7-1-80   Filing complaint
   Sec. 7-1-90   Abatement of nuisance
   Sec. 7-1-100   Right of entry
   Sec. 7-1-110   Cumulative remedies
   Sec. 7-1-120   Concurrent remedies
   Sec. 7-1-130   Violations and penalties
   Sec. 7-2-10   Accumulation to constitute nuisances
   Sec. 7-2-20   Posting handbills, posters and placards
   Sec. 7-2-30   Streets, streams and water supply
   Sec. 7-2-40   Stagnant ponds
   Sec. 7-2-50   Sewer inlet
   Sec. 7-2-60   Nauseous liquids
   Sec. 7-2-70   Stale matter
   Sec. 7-2-80   Littering on streets or transporting garbage, manure
   Sec. 7-2-90   Dumping on property
   Sec. 7-2-100   Dead animal removal
   Sec. 7-2-110   Inoperable vehicles
   Sec. 7-2-120   Junkyards and dumping grounds
   Sec. 7-2-130   Slaughterhouses
   Sec. 7-2-140   Vacant residential dwellings
   Sec. 7-2-150   Open wells, cisterns or excavations
   Sec. 7-2-160   Nonexclusive nuisances
   Sec. 7-3-10   Accumulation of refuse prohibited
   Sec. 7-3-20   Responsibility for refuse on premises
   Sec. 7-3-30   Abatement
   Sec. 7-3-40   Accumulation and deposit of garbage prohibited
   Sec. 7-3-50   Trash not to be thrown in street, alley, vacant lot, etc.
   Sec. 7-3-60   Responsibility of owners, lessees
   Sec. 7-3-70   Building materials at construction sites
   Sec. 7-3-80   Removal of refuse from business
   Sec. 7-3-90   Accumulation and use of manure
   Sec. 7-3-100   Burning of garbage
   Sec. 7-3-110   Uncollected garbage deemed nuisance, failure to comply
   Sec. 7-3-120   Violations designated
   Sec. 7-4-10   Provision of collection services
   Sec. 7-4-20   Contract
   Sec. 7-4-30   Collection of garbage and waste matter by outside operators; exception
   Sec. 7-4-40   Charges for City collection services
   Sec. 7-4-50   Disposition and use of funds
   Sec. 7-4-60   Collection of tree trimmings and hedge cuttings
   Sec. 7-4-70   Collection of dead animals
   Sec. 7-4-80   Unauthorized molesting or removal of garbage or containers prohibited
   Sec. 7-4-90   Promulgation of rules and regulations
   Sec. 7-4-100   Enforcement
   Sec. 7-5-10   Undesirable Plant Management Advisory Commission designated
   Sec. 7-5-20   Declaration of nuisance
   Sec. 7-5-30   Duty of property owner to cut
   Sec. 7-5-40   Removal from City
   Sec. 7-6-10   Prohibited trees
   Sec. 7-6-20   Trees and limbs in public right-of-way
   Sec. 7-6-30   Control of trees and shrubs
   Division 1   General Provisions
   Sec. 7-7-10   Confinement of animals running at large; costs
   Sec. 7-7-20   Grazing upon public thoroughfares
   Sec. 7-7-30   Hitching animals to public and private property
   Sec. 7-7-40   Maltreatment
   Sec. 7-7-50   Hogs, sheep and goats prohibited
   Sec. 7-7-60   Cattle and horses prohibited
   Sec. 7-7-70   Fowl and rabbits restrained
   Sec. 7-7-80   Premises kept clean
   Division 2   Dogs
   Sec. 7-7-210   Rabies vaccination required
   Sec. 7-7-220   Inoculation by licensed veterinarian
   Sec. 7-7-230   Filing of complaint
   Sec. 7-7-240   Notice of impoundment
   Sec. 7-7-250   Disposal of abandoned dog
   Sec. 7-7-260   Interference with dogcatcher or police officer
   Sec. 7-7-270   Instigating or encouraging dogfights prohibited
   Sec. 7-7-280   Confinement or muzzling of dogs during rabies danger
   Sec. 7-7-290   Female dogs in heat
   Sec. 7-7-300   Running at large prohibited
   Sec. 7-7-310   Dogs prohibited in ball park
   Sec. 7-7-320   Vicious dogs
   Sec. 7-7-330   Confinement of biting dogs
   Sec. 7-7-340   Notice not required for prosecution