Revenue and Finance
   Sec. 4-1-10   Fiscal year established
   Sec. 4-2-10   Custody and management of funds
   Sec. 4-2-20   General Fund created
   Sec. 4-2-30   Capital Improvements Fund created
   Sec. 4-2-40   Conservation Trust Fund created
   Sec. 4-2-50   Trash Fund created
   Sec. 4-2-60   Virginia Christensen Fund created
   Sec. 4-2-70   Water and Sewer Fund created
   Sec. 4-3-10   Purpose
   Sec. 4-3-20   Definitions
   Sec. 4-3-30   Schedule of tax
   Sec. 4-3-40   Sales tax regulations
   Sec. 4-3-50   Exemptions from sales tax
   Sec. 4-3-60   Location of business
   Sec. 4-3-70   Collection, administration and enforcement
   Sec. 4-3-80   Penalties
Article 4   Purchasing and Procurement
   Sec. 4-4-10   Designation of Purchasing Agent
   Sec. 4-4-20   Formal contract procedure
   Sec. 4-4-30   Bidding
   Sec. 4-4-40   Award to lowest bidder; advertising, when required
   Sec. 4-4-50   Bid deposits
   Sec. 4-4-60   Sealed bid procedures
   Sec. 4-4-70   Materials testing
   Sec. 4-4-80   Financial interest of City officials and employees prohibited
   Sec. 4-4-90   Records of open market orders and bids
   Sec. 4-4-100   Stock reports
   Sec. 4-4-110   Surplus stock
   Sec. 4-4-120   Supplies unsuitable for public use, sale or exchange
   Sec. 4-4-130   Gifts and rebates
   Sec. 4-4-140   Cooperative purchasing