Franchises and Communication Systems
   Sec. 5-1-10   Definitions
   Sec. 5-1-20   Grant of franchise
   Sec. 5-1-30   Term of franchise
   Sec. 5-1-40   Amendment
   Sec. 5-1-50   Renewal
   Sec. 5-1-60   Purchase of system
   Sec. 5-1-70   Noncompliance
   Sec. 5-1-80   Assignment of franchise
   Sec. 5-1-90   Franchise fee
   Sec. 5-1-100   Payment schedule
   Sec. 5-1-110   Franchise fee payment in lieu of other fees
   Sec. 5-1-120   Conduct of business
   Sec. 5-1-130   Compliance with FCC regulations
   Sec. 5-1-140   Provision of service
   Sec. 5-1-150   Additions, reductions and changes of programming
   Sec. 5-1-160   Fee schedule
   Sec. 5-1-170   Location of facilities
   Sec. 5-1-180   Excavation and construction
   Sec. 5-1-190   Relocation of Company facilities
   Sec. 5-1-200   Service to new areas
   Sec. 5-1-210   Restoration of service
   Sec. 5-1-220   Rules and regulations
   Sec. 5-1-230   Safety regulations by City
   Sec. 5-1-240   Inspection, audit and quality control
   Sec. 5-1-250   City held harmless; insurance
   Sec. 5-1-260   Notice to Company
   Sec. 5-1-270   Payment of expenses
   Sec. 5-1-280   Franchise performance bond