General Provisions
   Sec. 1-1-10   Adoption of Code
   Sec. 1-1-20   Title and scope
   Sec. 1-1-30   Code supersedes prior ordinances
   Sec. 1-1-40   Adoption of secondary codes by reference
   Sec. 1-1-50   Repeal of ordinances not contained in Code
   Sec. 1-1-60   Matters not affected by repeal
   Sec. 1-1-70   Ordinances saved from repeal
   Sec. 1-1-80   Changes in previously adopted ordinances
   Sec. 1-2-10   Definitions
   Sec. 1-2-20   Computation of time
   Sec. 1-2-30   Title of office
   Sec. 1-2-40   Usage of terms
   Sec. 1-2-50   Grammatical interpretation
   Sec. 1-3-10   Titles and headings not part of Code
   Sec. 1-3-20   Authorized acts
   Sec. 1-3-30   Prohibited acts
   Sec. 1-3-40   Timeliness of action
   Sec. 1-3-50   Purpose of Code
   Sec. 1-3-60   Repeal of ordinances
   Sec. 1-3-70   Publication of ordinances
   Sec. 1-3-80   Amendments to Code
   Sec. 1-3-90   Supplementation of Code
   Sec. 1-3-100   Examination of Code
   Sec. 1-3-110   Copy of Code on file
   Sec. 1-3-120   Sale of Code books
   Sec. 1-3-130   Severability
   Sec. 1-4-10   Violations
   Sec. 1-4-20   General penalty for violation
   Sec. 1-4-30   Application of penalties to juveniles
   Sec. 1-4-40   Altering or tampering with Code; penalty
   Sec. 1-4-50   Penalty for violation of ordinances adopted after adoption of Code
   Sec. 1-4-60   Interpretation of unlawful acts
   Sec. 1-5-10   Entry
   Sec. 1-5-20   Authority to enter premises under emergency
   Sec. 1-5-30   Announcement of purpose and authority to enter premises
   Sec. 1-6-10   Corporate seal