General Offenses
   Sec. 10-1-10   Definitions
   Sec. 10-1-20   Criminal attempt
   Sec. 10-1-30   Conspiracy
   Sec. 10-1-40   Complicity
   Sec. 10-1-50   Accessory to crime
   Sec. 10-1-60   Aiding and abetting
   Sec. 10-2-10   Obstructing government operations
   Sec. 10-2-20   Impersonating a peace officer
   Sec. 10-2-30   Impersonating a City officer or employee
   Sec. 10-2-40   Obstructing a peace officer or firefighter
   Sec. 10-2-50   Resisting arrest
   Sec. 10-2-60   False reporting to authorities
   Sec. 10-2-70   Duty of citizens to aid police officers
   Sec. 10-3-10   Unlawful conduct on public property
   Sec. 10-3-20   Trespass or interference in public buildings
   Sec. 10-3-30   Interfering with use of streets or sidewalks
   Sec. 10-3-40   Damage or removal of street signs
   Sec. 10-3-50   Lug wheels prohibited
   Sec. 10-3-60   Advertisements and circulars
   Sec. 10-4-10   Criminal mischief
   Sec. 10-4-20   Damaging or destroying public property
   Sec. 10-4-30   Damaging or destroying private property
   Sec. 10-4-40   Destroying posters
   Sec. 10-4-50   Trespassing
   Sec. 10-4-60   Littering
   Sec. 10-4-70   Theft
   Sec. 10-4-80   Theft of rental property
   Sec. 10-4-90   Theft by receiving
   Sec. 10-4-100   Concealment of goods
   Sec. 10-4-110   Tampering and unauthorized connection
   Sec. 10-5-10   Disorderly conduct
   Sec. 10-5-20   Disrupting lawful assembly
   Sec. 10-5-30   Harassment
   Sec. 10-5-40   Ethnic intimidation
   Sec. 10-5-50   Loitering
   Sec. 10-5-60   Assault
   Sec. 10-5-70   Vagrancy
   Sec. 10-5-80   False alarms
   Sec. 10-5-90   Throwing stones or missiles
   Sec. 10-5-100   Storage of flammable liquids
   Sec. 10-5-110   Explosives
   Sec. 10-5-120   Abandoned containers and appliances
   Sec. 10-5-130   Broken glass, dangerous substances
   Sec. 10-5-140   Fraud by check
   Sec. 10-6-10   Definitions
   Sec. 10-6-20   Public indecency
   Sec. 10-6-30   Indecent exposure
   Sec. 10-6-40   Offenses relating to prostitution
   Sec. 10-6-50   House of prostitution
   Sec. 10-6-60   Indecent acts, abusive language
   Sec. 10-6-70   Promotion of obscenity
   Sec. 10-6-80   Window peeping
   Sec. 10-7-10   Parent or guardian aiding, abetting
   Sec. 10-7-20   Encouraging delinquency
   Sec. 10-7-30   False statement; false credentials
   Sec. 10-7-40   Services of others
   Sec. 10-7-50   Purchase for minors
   Sec. 10-7-60   Loitering and other acts around schools
   Sec. 10-8-10   Definitions
   Sec. 10-8-20   Alcohol-related violations
   Sec. 10-8-30   Solicitation of drinks
   Sec. 10-8-40   Drunk and disorderly
   Sec. 10-8-50   Illegal possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by an underage person
   Sec. 10-8-60   Sales near schools
   Sec. 10-8-70   Alcoholic beverages in certain places
   Sec. 10-8-80   Open container
   Sec. 10-8-90   Possession of drug paraphernalia
   Sec. 10-8-100   Reserved
   Sec. 10-8-110   Abusing toxic vapors
   Sec. 10-8-120   Marijuana cultivation, manufacturing, testing and retail establishments prohibited
   Sec. 10-9-10   Definitions
   Sec. 10-9-20   Carrying concealed weapon; forfeiture
   Sec. 10-9-30   Disposition of confiscated concealed weapons
   Sec. 10-9-40   Prohibited use of weapons
   Sec. 10-9-50   Selling weapons to intoxicated persons
   Sec. 10-10-10   Definitions
   Sec. 10-10-20   Prohibitions
   Sec. 10-10-30   Exemptions
   Sec. 10-10-40   Measurement or assessment of sound
   Sec. 10-10-50   Penalties
   Sec. 10-10-60   Enforcement
   Sec. 10-11-10   Cruelty to animals
   Sec. 10-11-20   Starvation of animals
   Sec. 10-11-30   Abandonment of animals
   Sec. 10-11-40   Keeping place for fighting animals
   Sec. 10-11-50   Supply of food to enclosed animals
   Sec. 10-11-60   Poisoning domesticated animals
   Sec. 10-11-70   Frightening or killing songbirds and insectivorous birds
   Sec. 10-12-10   Definitions
   Sec. 10-12-20   Unlawful to sell or use fireworks
   Sec. 10-12-30   Permits
   Sec. 10-12-40   Bond required
   Sec. 10-12-50   Disposal of unfired fireworks
   Sec. 10-12-60   Seizure of fireworks
   Sec. 10-12-70   Construction
   Sec. 10-13-10   Parade, procession permits required
   Sec. 10-13-20   Rock climbing