Development Code
   Sec. 9-1-10   Short title
   Sec. 9-1-20   Authority
   Sec. 9-1-30   Purposes
   Sec. 9-1-40   Interpretation
   Sec. 9-1-50   Computation of time
   Sec. 9-1-60   Applicability
   Sec. 9-1-70   Applicability to public agencies
   Sec. 9-1-80   Exemption for essential services
   Sec. 9-1-90   Relationship to comprehensive plan
   Sec. 9-1-100   Fees
   Sec. 9-1-110   Transition to Creede Development Code
   Sec. 9-1-120   Nonconforming uses and structures
   Sec. 9-1-130   Severability
   Sec. 9-1-140   Save harmless clause
   Sec. 9-1-150   Disclaimer of liability
   Sec. 9-1-160   Violations
   Sec. 9-1-170   Penalties
   Sec. 9-1-180   Civil infraction
   Sec. 9-1-190   Enforcement authority and procedures
   Sec. 9-1-200   Enforcement actions and remedies
   Sec. 9-2-10   Purpose
   Sec. 9-2-20   Summary table of review authority
   Sec. 9-2-30   Board of Trustees
   Sec. 9-2-40   Planning and Zoning Commission
   Sec. 9-2-50   City Manager
   Sec. 9-2-60   Board of Adjustments
   Sec. 9-2-70   Other departments and agencies
   Sec. 9-3-10   Purpose
   Sec. 9-3-20   General procedures and requirements
   Sec. 9-3-30   Comprehensive plan amendment
   Sec. 9-3-40   Code text amendment
   Sec. 9-3-50   Zoning amendments
   Sec. 9-3-60   Planned unit development (PUD)
   Sec. 9-3-70   Subdivisions
   Sec. 9-3-80   Special review use
   Sec. 9-3-90   Variance
   Sec. 9-3-100   Right-of-way vacation
   Sec. 9-3-110   Vested property right
   Sec. 9-3-120   Forfeiture of vested property rights
   Sec. 9-3-130   Location, character and extent
   Sec. 9-3-140   Appeal
   Sec. 9-4-10   Purpose
   Sec. 9-4-20   Districts established
   Sec. 9-4-30   Official zoning map
   Sec. 9-4-40   Zoning map interpretation
   Sec. 9-4-50   Residential districts general purposes
   Sec. 9-4-60   Residential District, Single-Family (R-1)
   Sec. 9-4-70   Residential District, Two-Family and Multi-Family (R- 2)
   Sec. 9-4-80   Downtown Business District (B-1)
   Sec. 9-4-90   Highway Mixed Use District (B-2)
   Sec. 9-4-100   Mobile Home Park District (MH)
   Sec. 9-4-110   Commercial District (C)
   Sec. 9-4-120   Industrial District (I)
   Sec. 9-4-130   Open District (O)
   Sec. 9-4-140   Table of permitted uses
   Sec. 9-4-150   Table organization
   Sec. 9-4-160   Classification of new and unlisted uses
   Sec. 9-4-170   Table of permitted uses
   Sec. 9-4-180   Use-specific regulations
   Sec. 9-4-190   Accessory uses and structures
   Sec. 9-4-200   Temporary uses and structures
   Sec. 9-5-10   Purpose and applicability
   Sec. 9-5-20   Compact urban growth
   Sec. 9-5-30   Blocks and lots
   Sec. 9-5-40   Streets
   Sec. 9-5-50   Parking
   Sec. 9-5-60   Sidewalks, multi-use pathways and trails
   Sec. 9-5-70   Easement and utility standards
   Sec. 9-5-80   Parks and open space
   Sec. 9-5-90   Dedication of public sites and open spaces
   Sec. 9-5-100   School site dedication
   Sec. 9-5-110   Commercial and industrial architecture
   Sec. 9-5-120   Lighting
   Sec. 9-5-130   Environmental considerations
   Sec. 9-5-140   Sanitary sewer
   Sec. 9-5-150   Potable water
   Sec. 9-5-160   Fire hydrants
   Sec. 9-6-10   Definitions
   Sec. 9-6-20   Review process
   Sec. 9-6-30   Location of recreational vehicle parks
   Sec. 9-6-40   Park development standards
   Sec. 9-6-50   Park size and density
   Sec. 9-6-60   Roadways and parking
   Sec. 9-6-70   Entrances and exits
   Sec. 9-6-80   Design of access to park
   Sec. 9-6-90   Accessory uses
   Sec. 9-6-100   Open space and recreational areas
   Sec. 9-6-110   Buffering, setbacks, screening and landscaping
   Sec. 9-6-120   Utilities
   Sec. 9-6-130   Electricity and natural or propane gas
   Sec. 9-6-140   Utility plans
   Sec. 9-6-150   Refuse disposal
   Sec. 9-6-160   Insect and rodent control
   Sec. 9-6-170   Fire prevention and protection
   Sec. 9-6-180   Sanitary facilities
   Sec. 9-6-190   Service buildings
   Sec. 9-6-200   Safety
   Sec. 9-6-210   Miscellaneous regulations
   Sec. 9-6-220   Permanent occupancy prohibited
   Sec. 9-6-230   Licensing and inspection
   Sec. 9-6-240   Revocation of license
   Sec. 9-6-250   Responsibilities of management
   Sec. 9-7-10   Authority
   Sec. 9-7-20   Findings of fact
   Sec. 9-7-30   Purpose
   Sec. 9-7-40   Applicability
   Sec. 9-7-50   Methods of reducing flood losses
   Sec. 9-7-60   Floodplain development permit
   Sec. 9-7-70   Variance
   Sec. 9-7-80   Review criteria
   Sec. 9-8-10   Purpose
   Sec. 9-8-20   Definitions
   Sec. 9-8-30   Three-mile plan
   Sec. 9-8-40   Fees and charges for annexation petitions
   Sec. 9-8-50   Annexed property subject to all laws
   Sec. 9-8-60   Annexation agreements
   Sec. 9-8-70   Non-resident petitions for annexation election authorized
   Sec. 9-8-80   Annexation election procedures
   Sec. 9-8-90   Disconnection purpose and applicability
   Sec. 9-8-100   Method of petition for disconnection
   Sec. 9-8-110   Petition for disconnection by Board of Trustees
   Sec. 9-8-120   Processing of disconnection petitions
   Sec. 9-8-130   Standards for approval of disconnection
   Sec. 9-8-140   Lands subject to tax for prior indebtedness
   Sec. 9-9-10   General definitions