General Provisions
   102.001     Definitions
   102.002     Purpose
   102.003     Management and control of museum
   102.004     Museum Department created
   102.005     Duties of Museum Curator
   102.006     Duties of Community Services Division Director
   102.007     Appointment of employees
   102.008     Jurisdiction
   102.009     Conditions for use
Museum Advisory Board
   102.015     Board created; membership; term and vacancies
   102.016     Election of officers
   102.017     Duties of board officers
   102.018     Conduct of business
   102.019     Duties of the advisory board
   102.020     Compensation of members
   102.021     Conflict of interest
   102.022     Expenditure of city funds
   102.023     Visitors to board meetings
   102.024     Meetings generally
   102.025     Quorum and rules of parliamentary law
   102.026     No supervisory powers
   102.027     Board generated funds
   102.028     Museum board by-laws; policies and mission statement
Museum Operations and Obligations; Permanent Collection
   102.035     Acquisition of artifacts
   102.036     Title to artifacts
   102.037     Accession and inventory records
   102.038     Care of collections
   102.039     Public access to collections
   102.040     Loans and transfers
   102.041     Deaccessions
Exhibits and Programs
   102.045     Exhibited collections
   102.046     Programs
Facility Use Rules and Regulations
   102.050     Historic significance
   102.051     Revenue
   102.052     Performance theater; historic house and grounds
   102.053     Museum street train
Photographic Collection
   102.060     Photographic collection rules and regulations
Fee Schedule
   102.065     Schedule of fees
Facility Maintenance
   102.070     Maintenance of buildings, equipment and facilities