(A)    Use policy, license plates, motor vehicle inspection sticker, insurance, repairs and general maintenance shall be the responsibility of the Museum Department.
   (B)    Scheduled maintenance shall be conducted by the Fleet Maintenance Department.
   (C)    The Museum curator shall be responsible for interviewing drivers and tour guides and securing training for the operation of the street train.
   (D)    No person, other than approved drivers, shall be allowed to operate the train.
   (E)    The driver shall be responsible for the safe operation of the train and must obey all traffic laws. 
   (F)    The driver shall be responsible to maintain order and see that passengers conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner.
   (G)    The driver shall immediately report all accidents or injuries to the curator.
   (H)    The street train shall not be loaned for out-of-town use without the written permission of the City Manager.
   (I)    No food or beverages shall be allowed on the train.  Use of the street train shall be by reservation.  A schedule of operations shall be maintained by the Museum staff.
   (J)    Use of the train will be scheduled as drivers are available.
   (K)    Prepaid reservations shall be made at least five working days prior to date of use.
   (L)    The Museum curator or representative reserves the right to cancel any reservation for inclement weather or other circumstances preventing the operation of the street train.
   (M)    Reservations unable to come and not cancelling at least 48 hours in advance of use will be billed the full reservation amount.
(Ord. 10-1999-109, passed 10-12-99)