(A)    Groups desiring to rent the theater or historic house shall make written application with the Museum curator well before the planned event.  Fees and deposits shall be paid in advance to secure the reservation.
   (B)    Organizations shall appoint a representative, over the age of 21 years, to be responsible for receiving keys to the building and security codes.  Keys and codes shall not be passed among other members of the organization, nor family members, without permission from the curator.
   (C)    The conduct of all group members, technical crews, visitors or audience members is the responsibility of the renting organization.  Ushers shall be appointed to provide assistance on stairs during theater events.  Accidents shall be promptly reported to the curator.
   (D)    Food and beverages shall be strictly controlled in the historic structures.
   (E)    Open flames, cigarettes, matches, chafing dish fuels, and burning candles shall not be permitted in the structures.
   (F)    Decorations, stage sets, and other ornamental embellishments are subject to approval by the City Fire Marshal before an event opening.
   (G)    Premises shall be swept and trash generated by the event shall be removed by the renting party.  A walk-through inspection with the curator is required before the damage deposit is returned.
   (H)    Arrangements may be made to have the structure cleaned at an additional fee to the renting organization.
   (I)    Artifacts or other equipment within the structure which must be moved for the event shall be moved by Museum staff
(Ord. 10-1999-109, passed 10-12-99)