(A)    It shall be the duty of the Museum Advisory Board to create, and revise as necessary, a mission statement to guide the Museum in artifact acquisitions and program planning.
   (B)    It shall confer and work with the Museum Department to make recommendations to the City Council relating to developmental plans.
   (C)    It shall assist and recommend programs of education for all age levels, for the effective implementation of such programs and to assist the City Council in development and adoption of such plans and recommendations in every way possible.
   (D)    The Museum Advisory Board shall have the advisory input to the general supervision and control of all matters pertaining to the Museum Department and shall advise on matters concerning the rules and regulations pertaining to the operation and use of Museum facilities.
   (E)    It is hereby made the duty and province of the Museum Advisory Board to make recommendations and suggestions to the City Council for the betterment and improvement of the museum facilities, acquisitions and activities.
   (F)   Implementation of any and all projects or goals recommended by the Museum Advisory Board is subject to approval of the City Manager.
(Ord. 10-1999-109, passed 10-12-99)