(A)    Copies of historic photographs that are in the Museum's collection and that are in stable condition may be purchased by individuals according to the fee schedule in this chapter.
   (B)    All requests for permission to reproduce an image for publication purposes shall be made in writing and include the intended use, the publisher and the expected date of publication.
   (C)    All fees or charges for image or photographic reproduction shall be paid in advance, whether or not the reproduction is used by the requesting individual.
   (D)    Reproductions may not be superimposed with type matter or in any way defaced or altered.
   (E)    Application to reproduce a detail from a work will be considered only upon receipt of a marked photograph showing the exact area to be used.  The word "detail" must appear in the caption with a complete credit line.  Under most circumstances, an application for detailing may be approved only if the work is shown in its entirety elsewhere in the publication.
   (F)    Permission for book jackets or calendar covers will only be considered upon receipt of a cover design and written application for such use.  An additional fee is required for cover use.
   (G)    The credit line must appear adjacent to each illustration and must read:  Courtesy, Layland Museum, Cleburne, Texas.
   (H)    Special projects such as notecards, address books, and calendars must be presented to the Layland Museum for consideration and charges.  A sample of the publication must accompany the request.
   (I)    The Museum shall not supply black and white photographs to companies, organizations or individuals operating a photography rental and/or sales service.
   (J)    Applicants shall not duplicate, in any way, a photograph or image supplied by the Museum.
   (K)    The publisher shall provide the Museum with one complete gratis copy of the publication in which the image or photograph is reproduced.
   (L)    Any and all responsibility for questions of copyright which may arise from the preparation of these reproductions or their use in any way will be assumed by the applicant and the applicant will hold harmless the city, its officers and its employees.
(Ord. 10-1999-109, passed 10-12-99)