General Provisions
   151.01   Adoption of certain state and national codes
   151.02   Adoption of Standards of Safety; National Fire Code
   151.03   Encroachments on public property prohibited; removal
Building and Demolition Permits
   151.15   Permit required
   151.16   Permit application
   151.17   Permit fee schedules; permit valuations
   151.18   Damage to adjacent property
   151.19   Parking spaces and driveways
   151.20   Issuance
   151.21   Refusal
   151.22   Contractor to obtain business privilege license
   151.23   Foundation permits
   151.24   Permit is license
   151.25   Drawings to be kept at site
   151.26   Record keeping; duties of Building Inspector
   151.27   Remedies
Inhabitable Property where Methamphetamine has been Manufactured; Occupancy
   151.40   Definitions
   151.41   Residency or other occupation prohibited
   151.42   Notification to occupants of other dwelling units
   151.43   Abatement; removal of placard; occupation
   151.44   Notice of condemnation
Electrical Standards
   151.55   General provisions
   151.56   Electrical Inspector
   151.57   Approval required on new installation
   151.58   Inspection of buildings; disconnection of defective electrical equipment
   151.59   Notice of intention to install wiring or make alterations; exceptions
   151.60   Permits
   151.61   Schedule of electric permit and inspection fees
   151.62   Certification
   151.63   Conflict
   151.99   Penalty
   Construction in designated historic districts, see § 35.23