(A)   All permit applications shall be made on forms supplied by the Building Inspector.  The applicant shall submit two sets of dimensioned sketches indicating the shape, size, height, and location in relation to all property lines and to street or road lines of all buildings or structures to be erected, altered, moved, or demolished and of any building or structure already on the lot.
   (B)   For all building permits, the applicant shall furnish two sets of detailed plans as follows.  Plans for parking spaces and driveways are to be included as required by the city zoning ordinance.
   (C)   The applicant shall also state the existing and intended use of all such buildings and supply other information as may be required by the Building Inspector to insure that the provisions of this subchapter, the city zoning ordinance, and other pertinent ordinances or laws, are being observed.  All applications, sketches, and other information supplied in order to obtain a building permit must be signed by the applicant.
('83 Code, § 151.26)  (Ord. 30-1974, passed 8-20-74; Am. Ord. 73-2008, passed 6-23-08)