4-1-1: Title
4-1-2: Purpose
4-1-3: Definitions
4-1-4: Exceptions To Regulations
4-1-5: Local Liquor Control Commissioner Designated; Powers And Duties
4-1-6: Local Liquor Control Commission Creation; Powers And Duties
4-1-7: Village Manager As Chief Administrative Officer
4-1-8: Inspection Powers
4-1-9: Classifications Of Licenses
4-1-10: Limitation On Number Of Licenses
4-1-11: Initial Application Fee
4-1-12: License Term; License Fees; License For Part Of Year; Payment
4-1-13: Hours Of Operation
4-1-14: License Required For Sale; Consumption; Possession; Eligibility If Debt Owed To Village
4-1-15: Persons Ineligible For License
4-1-16: Application For License To Sell Alcoholic Liquor
4-1-17: Investigation Of Applicant; Director Of Law Enforcement
4-1-18: Examination Of Applicant; Local Liquor Control Commissioner And Commission
4-1-19: Issuance Of License; Contents; Time Limitation On Nonuse
4-1-20: Insurance Requirements
4-1-21: Change Of Location
4-1-22: Personal Nature Of License, Restrictions On Transfer; Refund
4-1-23: Change In Personnel Or Corporate Ownership
4-1-24: Posting Licenses And Warning Signs
4-1-25: Renewal Of License
4-1-26: Location Restriction
4-1-27: Standards For Licensed Premises; Inspections
4-1-28: Prohibited Transactions And Miscellaneous Regulations For Licensed Premises
4-1-29: Sales To Certain Persons Prohibited
4-1-30: Purchase Or Acceptance Of Gift Of Alcoholic Liquor By Persons Of Nonage; Proof Of Age And Identification Cards
4-1-31: Suspension Or Revocation Of License; Notice; Hearing; Fines
4-1-32: Penalties