A.   Contents Of Application: All applications for a license to sell alcoholic liquor within the village shall be made under oath, on forms to be furnished by the village manager, and shall state or provide submission of the following:
      1.   Applicant's name, mailing and residence address and telephone number;
      2.   Applicant is a citizen of the United States;
      3.   Applicant's place of birth and, if a naturalized citizen, the time and place of naturalization;
      4.   Applicant has never been convicted of a felony or any other offenses prohibited under this section;
      5.   The street address or legal description of the premises for which the license is sought. Applicant shall also submit proof of ownership of the premises, such as a title policy or other proof of ownership deemed sufficient by the village manager. In the event applicant leases the premises, then a copy of said executed lease, certified by the applicant and the lessor under the lease to be a true and accurate copy of applicant's lease, shall be submitted with the completed application; (Ord. 99-2077, 2-22-1999)
      6.   The proposed location is not within one hundred feet (100') of any church, school, other than an institution of higher learning, hospital, home for aged or indigent persons or for veterans, their spouses, or children. In the case of a church, the distance of one hundred feet (100') shall be measured from the nearest point of the lot line of the proposed location to the nearest part of any building used for worship services or educational programs and not to property boundaries of the building used for worship services or educational programs. In the case of a school, hospital and home for aged or indigent persons or for veterans, their spouses or children, the one hundred feet (100') is measured from the center of the proposed licensed premises to the center of the institution. A church, school or hospital may apply for and receive a special events liquor license for its own premises if the church, school or hospital qualifies for a state liquor license and a village liquor license and otherwise conforms to the above location restrictions; (Ord. 10-2578, 4-26-2010)
      7.   Applicant will not violate any of the laws of the village, the state or of the United States in the conduct of his place of business;
      8.   The name, age, address, and telephone number of the person who will manage the business of the applicant in the village;
      9.   The length of time that said applicant has been in business and the nature of applicant's business experiences;
      10.   The application shall contain applicant's statement as to whether or not they or it have made application for a license to sell alcoholic liquor to any other governmental entity and the disposition of such application;
      11.   Whether or not the applicant, individually or any firm or entity with which the applicant has been connected with previously as principal owner or manager had been issued any previous license for the sale or handling of alcoholic liquor, which license had been revoked or suspended by the federal government or by any state or subdivision thereof, and the reasons or causes for such revocation or suspension. Any such statement shall include information identifying: a) the previous licensor; b) the licensee(s) by names and addresses; c) the address of the licensed premises; and d) the name of the licensed establishment and the date or dates of such revocation or suspension;
      12.   A verified financial statement showing the assets and liabilities of the applicant dated no later than thirty (30) days prior to the date of application. The financial statement shall be deemed "confidential" by the village. Such financial statement may be enclosed in a sealed envelope that is filed with the village manager to be delivered to the local commissioner. The financial information submitted shall be information available for consideration by the local commissioner and the local commission in the review of the application for the initial license or for any renewal of the license. Likewise, verified financial statements shall be submitted for all persons who will share the profits or losses of a partnership which seeks a license, as well as for shareholders owning more than five percent (5%) of the issued and outstanding shares of a corporation which applies for a license;
      13.   The applicant's retailer's occupation tax (ROT) registration number and a statement whether the applicant is delinquent in the payment of the retailer's occupation tax (sales tax) and, if so, the reasons therefor;
      14.   Whether the applicant, any individual identified in the application, or any other person, directly or indirectly interested in the place of business is a public official, and if so, the particulars thereof;
      15.   A floor plan, diagram, or drawing deemed suitable by the local commissioner, illustrating the premises, in which alcoholic liquor is to be sold;
      16.   The current zoning of the premises at which the applicant's place of business is to be operated;
      17.   Such additional information as the local commissioner may deem necessary in order to establish the character of the applicant; and
      18.   In the case of a partnership or corporation, the foregoing information shall be furnished as to each partner and for each shareholder owning more than five percent (5%) of the issued and outstanding shares of the corporation, officer and director of a corporate applicant. In the case the business of licensee is to be managed by someone other than the individual licensee or a partner or a shareholder, director or officer of a corporate licensee, the manager shall furnish the foregoing information.
   B.   Payment Of Fees; Review Of Application: Applications shall be filed in duplicate, along with a cashier's check or certified check, payable to the village treasurer for the total amount of the initial application fee and the annual license fee being applied for, all of which shall be filed in the office of the village manager. The village manager, or duly authorized representative, shall deliver the check to the village treasurer, and shall forthwith cause a duplicate original of the application and supporting papers, including any sealed envelope containing the financial statements of applicants, to be delivered to the local commissioner. Upon receipt thereof, the local commissioner shall examine such application and the supporting documents and if same appear to be in order and complete, he/she shall make such further inquiry or examination as may be deemed appropriate under this chapter and under the circumstances. In the event the application is denied, only the amount remitted as the annual license fee and not the initial application fee shall be refunded by the village treasurer to the applicant forthwith.
   C.   Signature And Oath Required: Applications for licenses shall be signed by the applicant, if an individual, or by a duly authorized officer, if applicant is a corporation, or by a general partner with authority to bind the partnership, if applicant is a partnership. All applications shall be verified by oath or affidavit. (Ord. 99-2077, 2-22-1999)
   D.   Renewal Applications; Manager Applications: All annual applications for the renewal of a liquor license shall be made under oath on a form to be furnished by the village manager. The renewal application form shall require the applicant to verify that the information contained in the original application is still accurate or, if different, then the applicant shall submit supplemental information, which will allow the local liquor control commissioner and the director of law enforcement to confirm that the applicant is still eligible to hold the requested liquor license. Managers of businesses that sell or serve or allow consumption of alcoholic liquor shall complete an application that is made under oath on a form to be furnished by the village manager. The manager applicant shall complete the application and submit the requested information to allow the local liquor control commissioner and the director of law enforcement to verify that the manager applicant is eligible to work in a licensed premises. All liquor license holders and managers are obligated to immediately notify the local liquor control commissioner of any change in status that would disqualify him/her from continuing to hold a liquor license or work in a licensed premises. (Ord. 12-2681, 6-11-2012)