The village president is the local liquor control commissioner who has the duties that are imposed upon him/her and the powers and rights that are given to him/her under this code and the statutes of the state with reference to the sale or distribution of alcoholic liquor.
   A.   Powers And Duties: The local commissioner shall have the following powers, functions and duties with respect to licenses and procedures under this chapter:
      1.   To grant and/or suspend for not more than thirty (30) days or revoke for cause all local licenses issued to persons for premises within his/her jurisdiction;
      2.   To enter or to authorize any law enforcing officer to enter at any time upon any premises licensed hereunder to determine whether any of the provisions of the liquor control act or any rules or regulations adopted by him/her or by the state commission have been or are being violated, and at such time to examine said premises of said licensee in connection therewith;
      3.   To notify the secretary of state where a club incorporated under the general not for profit corporation act or a foreign corporation functioning as a club in this State under a certificate of authority issued under that Act has violated the Liquor Control Act by selling or offering for sale at retail alcoholic liquors without a retailer's license;
      4.   To receive complaints from any citizen within his/her jurisdiction that any of the provisions of the Liquor Control Act, or any rules or regulations adopted pursuant hereto, have been or are being violated and to act upon such complaints in the manner hereinafter provided;
      5.   To receive local license fees and pay the same forthwith to the Village Treasurer;
      6.   To perform such other duties and functions including assistance with the promulgation and enforcement of such procedures, regulations or rules as he/she shall decide upon.
   B.   Keeping Of Records: The Village Manager shall keep a record of all proceedings, transactions, communications and official acts. The Village Manager shall be custodian of all records for the Commissioner and shall perform such other duties as he may prescribe. (Ord. 99-2077, 2-22-1999)