A.   Upon compliance by the applicant with the provisions of this chapter and upon the written approval by the Local Commissioner of said application, a liquor license may be issued upon payment of the prescribed fees set forth below, provided that the Corporate Authorities of the Village determine that the issuance of such a license is in the best interest of the Village and approve an ordinance increasing the number of liquor licenses in the particular class by one for use by the applicant.
   B.   Each license shall state thereon the classification of license, the name of the licensee, the licensee's address, and a description of the licensed premises.
   C.   Any license issued under this chapter must be used by the licensee within forty five (45) days after the date of issuance, otherwise, the license shall automatically be revoked and the number of authorized licenses of the particular class shall automatically be reduced by one. The Local Commissioner shall notify, in writing, the Village Clerk and Board of Trustees of any revocation of any authorized license within seven (7) days of such occurrence. (Ord. 01-2173, 9-24-2001)