A.   Sanitary Premises: The licensed premises shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition and shall be kept in full compliance with any building code or health code, and any revisions thereof from time to time enacted by the village president and board of trustees and shall be opened by the licensee at any time for inspection by the local commissioner and the director of law enforcement services or other authorized official of the village.
   B.   Lighting Requirements: All rooms where alcoholic liquor is sold for consumption upon the premises shall be continuously lighted during business hours by natural light or artificial light so that all parts of the interior of the premises shall be clearly visible. No window display of alcoholic liquor shall be permitted. The exterior of the licensed premises shall be adequately lighted at night by artificial light. Neither the words "bar" nor "saloon" nor "tavern" shall be used in the name of the business, or in advertising for any licensee's business or on the licensed premises.
   C.   Plans And Specifications: In the event the building where the retail sale of alcoholic liquor is conducted is to be reconstructed or modified in any way, a copy of the plans showing the dimensions and layout of the structure shall be submitted for approval by the code enforcement department and the local commissioner along with a copy of the license. Except for variances from such plan that are occasioned by changes in any village code, the building shall conform to the plans submitted. (Ord. 99-2077, 2-22-1999)