A.   Sales Prohibited: No licensee or any officer, associate, member, representative, agent or employee of such licensee shall sell, give, or deliver alcoholic liquor to any person under the age of twenty one (21) years, or to any intoxicated person, except in the conduct of a "sting operation" against an employee of the licensee, notice of which has been given by the licensee to the Local Commissioner and the Chief of Police not more than thirty (30) nor less than ten (10) days prior to the operation.
   B.   Presumption Of Sales To Minors: If a person under the age of twenty one (21) years is in possession of alcoholic liquor on premises licensed to sell alcoholic liquor for consumption on such premises, it shall be presumed that the licensee sold, gave, or delivered such alcoholic liquor to the minor in possession thereof.
   C.   Refusal Of Sale To Minors Without Identification: For the purpose of preventing the violation of this section, any licensee, or its agent or employee, may refuse to sell or serve alcoholic beverages to any person who is unable to produce adequate written evidence of identity and of the fact that he or she is over the age of twenty one (21) years. (Ord. 99-2077, 2-22-1999)