Sec. 1-7. Jurisdiction over areas owned or leased by city.
All ordinances of the city shall apply within land lying outside of the city limits that is owned or leased by the city, and any violation of an ordinance of the city occurring within the territorial limits of such land may be punished by the city to the same extent and with like effect as if the violation occurred within the corporate limits; however, this section shall not apply unless the mayor and council of the city authorize or ratify by motion the erection, at any point at which a public road enters such land, of a sign, not less than eighteen (18) inches by three (3) feet in size, containing a warning notice in bold letters that the area being entered is subject to the jurisdiction of the city.
(1953 Code, ch. 1, § 8)
   Cross References: Jurisdiction of city court over areas owned or leased outside city, § 8-1.