Article I:  General Provisions
   21-1.   Definitions
   21-2.   Ordinances not affected by code
   21-3.   Chapter part of contracts
   21-4.   Where mains will be laid without assessments
   21-5.   Laterals to be laid only to inside of curbs
   21-6.   Water and sewer extension policy
   21-7.   Rates and charges; penalties and enforcement
   21-8.   Metering of water
   21-9.   Connections and meters to remain property of city
   21-10.   Maintenance of meters
   21-11.   Cross connections of water supply
   21-12.   Water emergencies; conservation policy
   21-13.   Wastewater treatment works user charges adopted
   21-14.   Bulk sales of water
   21-15.   Filling swimming pools
Article II:  Connections
   21-31.   Water connection permit
   21-32.   When connections to be made
   21-33.   Connections to be made by city
   21-34.   Applications
   21-35.   Costs for taps
   21-36.   Separate connections required
   21-37.   Maintenance
   21-38.   Connections from outside city
   21-39.   Tampering with water system
   21-40.   Protection of water system
   21-41.   Privies
   21-42.   Water and sewer line fees for lots not conforming to assessment policy
   21-43.   Tap line fees for water and sewer lines outside corporate limits
   21-44.   Application of inside and outside water and sewer rates
Article III:  Extensions by Petition
Division 1:  Generally
   21-76.   Water mains
Division 2:  Sewers
   21-91.   Petition of property owners
Article IV:  Sewer Use Ordinance
   21-116.   Incorporated by reference
Article V:  Enforcement Response Plan Ordinance
   21-146.   Incorporated by reference
      Appendix A:  Water and sewer tap rates
      Appendix B:  Maximum penalty schedule
Article VI:  Stormwater Management
   21-176.   Incorporated by reference
Article VII:  Fats, Oil and Grease Ordinance
   21-206.   Incorporated by reference
Article VIII:  Fats, Oil and Grease Emergency Response Plan (ERP) Ordinance
   21-236.   Incorporated by reference
Article IX: Backflow and Cross-Connection Prevention
   21-251.   Purpose
   21-252.   Responsibility; city
   21-253.   Responsibility; customer
   21-254.   Definitions
   21-255.   Right of entry; authorization
   21-256.   Law; unprotected cross-connection prohibited
   21-257.   Installation and testing of backflow prevention assembly
   21-258.   Degree of hazards
   21-259.   Notices
   21-260.   Violations