Article I:  General Provisions
   20-1.   Definitions
   20-2.   Obedience
   20-3.   Application of chapter to drivers of government vehicles
   20-4.   Authority of police to direct traffic
   20-5.   Application of chapter to persons propelling pushcarts or riding bicycles or animals
   20-6.   Application of chapter to authorized emergency vehicles
   20-7.   Chapter does not interfere with rights of owner of property used for vehicular traffic
   20-8.   Riding on portion of vehicle not intended for passengers
   20-9.   Number of passengers in front seat restricted
   20-10.   Passengers to remain inside vehicle
   20-11.   Entering or riding vehicle without consent of owner or driver
   20-12.   Boarding or alighting from moving vehicles
   20-13.   Clinging to moving vehicles
   20-14.   Riding bicycle on sidewalk or walkway
   20-15.   Riders of motorcycles and bicycles to have hands on handlebars
   20-16.   Skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, and skates
   20-17.   Golf cart use on roads within city
Article II:  Traffic-Control Signs, Signals and Devices
   20-31.   Obedience
   20-32.   Necessity of signs
   20-33.   Ratification of existing devices
   20-34.   Pedestrian “walk” and “don't walk” signals
   20-35.   Moving or damaging devices
   20-36.   Designation of traffic zones, through streets and the like; and installation of devices
Article III:  Vehicle Operation
Division 1:  Generally
   20-51.   Driving in school zones
   20-52.   One-way streets
   20-53.   Driving in quiet zones
   20-55.   Driving through funeral procession
   20-56.   Limitations on turning around
   20-57.   Limitations on backing
   20-58.   Moving parked vehicle
   20-59.   Truck routes
   20-60.   Stopping in streets generally
Division 2:  Speed
   20-81.   Generally
   20-82.   Exceptions
Article IV:  Stopping, Standing and Parking
Division 1:  Generally
   20-126.   Designation of parking spaces; use required
   20-127.   Reports and notices of violations
   20-128.   Method of parking generally
   20-129.   Parking over 48 hours
   20-130.   Impoundment of vehicles
   20-131.   Overtime parking
   20-132.   Prohibited in specified places
   20-133.   Prohibited for certain purposes
   20-134.   Stopping with left side of vehicle to curb
   20-135.   Standing not to interfere with other vehicles
   20-136.   Parking in prohibited zones generally
   20-137.   Parking in limited parking zone
   20-138.   Designation of parking for persons with disabilities
   20-139.   Parking in bus stops or taxicab stands
   20-140.   Blocking entrances, exits and the like in parking areas
   20-141.   Backing to curb
   20-142.   Moving vehicle of another into prohibited parking area
   20-143.   Lights on parked vehicles
   20-144.   Loading and unloading trucks
   20-145.   Parking of commercial, industrial and construction trucks and vehicles within  residential areas
   20-146.   Parking fines
Article V:  Abandoned Motor Vehicles
   20-201.   Definitions
   20-202.   Abandonment prohibited; duty of owner to remove
   20-203.   Removal and disposal by city
   20-204.   Indemnification against loss
   20-205.   Hearing procedure
   20-206.   Intentional or negligent damage to vehicle
   20-207.   General provisions
   20-208.   Enforcement official
   20-209.   Appeal
   20-999.   Penalty
   Appendix:  Table 20-A: Restricted Parking Spaces