Article I:  General Provisions
   8-1.   False alarms
   8-2.   Interference with firefighters or protection equipment
Article II:  Fire Department
   8-21.   Duties of Fire Chief
   8-22.   Power to summon aid
   8-23.   Nonmember mounting truck
Article III:  Fire Prevention and Protection Code
   8-36.   Title
   8-37.   Purpose and intent
   8-38.   Adoption of technical codes and standards; copies on file
   8-39.   Definitions
   8-40.   Jurisdiction
   8-41.   Fire official to enforce code
   8-42.   Duties and authority of the fire official
   8-43.   Applications and permits
   8-44.   Fee schedules
   8-45.   Wrongful denial or entry
   8-46.   Obstructions and prohibited parking
   8-47.   Fire hydrants
   8-48.   Tank installation
   8-49.   Bonfires and other outdoor fires
   8-50.   Fireworks
   8-51.   Hazardous chemicals; Right to Know Act
   8-52.   Violations a misdemeanor
   8-53.   Citations, stop work orders and penalties
   8-54.   Other remedies
   8-55.   Service of citations, orders and notices
   8-56.   Refusal, denial or revocation of permit
Article IV:  Fireworks
   8-61.   Definition
   8-62.   Exceptions
   8-63   Permits for use at public exhibitions
Article V:  Fire District Map
   8-76.   Fire district map amendment
Article VI:  Firefighting Services Outside City Limits; Industrial Storage Buildings
   8-81.   Fees for firefighting services outside city limits and for buildings used for industrial service
   8-82.   Cost recovery of motor vehicle accident expenses
Statutory reference:
   Fire protection force authorized, see G.S. § 160A-291
   Fire protection outside city limits, see G.S. § 160A-293