General Provisions
   53.001   Rules and regulations generally
   53.002   Application for service inside corporate limits
   53.003   Application for service outside corporate limits
   53.004   Tap and service line installation and charge
   53.005   Meter installation and location
   53.006   Utility's installation
   53.007   Consumer's installation
   53.008   Access to premises
   53.009   Use of water service; limitations
   53.010   Utility's liability
   53.011   Consumer's liability
   53.012   Fire protection service
   53.013   Water connections to be made to unserved lots during new paving
   53.014   Line extension requirements
   53.015   Temporary service
   53.016   Illegal diversion of water; discontinuance of service
   53.017   Discontinuance of service for enumerated reasons
   53.018   Serving notice to consumers
Water Main Extension Policy
   53.030   Definitions
   53.031   Extension policy and requirements
   53.032   Cost of extensions; payment
   53.033   Extension agreement required
   53.034   Installation of extensions
   53.035   Main line taps and service line to meter
   53.036   Tap and meter installation charge
   53.037   Construction standards
   53.038   Bill of sale and right-of-way easement
   53.039   Ownership of water lines
   53.040   Allocation of construction costs
   53.041   Each extension considered as new extension
   53.042   Special assessment alternate financing method within corporate limits
   53.043   Extensions beyond existing corporate limits and annexation requirements
   53.044   Extension payments and capacity charge to be kept in separate account
   53.045   Rates applicable for water service
   53.046   Supplementary regulations
Cross-Connection Control
   53.060   Cross-Connection Control Program
   53.061   Definitions
   53.062   Cross-connection control; general policy
   53.063   Water system
   53.064   Cross-connections prohibited
   53.065   Survey and investigations
   53.066   Where protection is required
   53.067   Type of protection required
   53.068   Backflow prevention devices
   53.069   Installation
   53.070   Inspection and maintenance
   53.071   Booster pumps
   53.072   Violations
Rates and Charges
   53.085   Billing, meter testing, payment of water bills, adjustments
   53.086   Responsibility of payment of bills by property owner
   53.087   Deposits
   53.088   Water rates
   53.089   Charges for connection, disconnection, and other special services
   53.090   Tap and service line installation charges
   53.091   Adjustments in water service over billing or under billing
   Disconnection for late payment, see § 52.56