General Regulations
   52.01   Unlawful acts generally
   52.02   Privies, cesspools and private sewers prohibited on property accessible to sewers
   52.03   Permit for septic tank when sewer is not accessible
   52.04   Connections to storm sewers; inspections
   52.05   Construction of house sewers and connection to public sewers
   52.06   Prohibited discharges and connections into sanitary sewers
Industrial Wastes
   52.20   Definitions
   52.21   Prohibited wastes
   52.22   Normal concentrations of wastes
   52.23   Pollutants in excess of normal concentrations
   52.24   Volume of wastewater
   52.25   User classes
   52.26   User charges; wastes of normal concentration
   52.27   Debt service charges; wastes of normal concentration
   52.28   Extra strength surcharges for user charges and debt service charges
   52.29   Industrial cost recovery surcharges
   52.30   Rates
   52.31   Billing and collection
   52.32   Control manhole
   52.33   Testing
   52.34   Discharge of wastes to storm sewers
   52.35   Powers and authority of inspectors
Rates and Charges
   52.50   Purpose and intent
   52.51   Definition
   52.52   Sewage service charge or rental established
   52.521   Sewer tap installation charges
   52.53   Charges to constitute a lien
   52.54   Creation and enforcement of regulations
   52.55   Deposit of funds
   52.56   Disconnection for late payment
   52.57   Adjustments in sewer service over billing or under billing
   52.99   Penalty