General Provisions
   153.001   Authority and enactment clause
   153.002   Short title
   153.015   Jurisdiction
   153.016   Purpose
   153.030   Interpretation of terms and words
   153.031   Definitions of specific terms and words
General Requirements
   153.045   Customary home occupations
   153.046   Screening
   153.047   Landscaping
   153.048   Screening and landscaping required prior to issuance of certificate of compliance
   153.049   Fences or walls permitted
   153.050   Lot to abut a dedicated street
   153.051   One principal building
   153.052   Visibility at intersections
   153.053   Temporary structures and uses
   153.054   Height calculations and exceptions
   153.055   Relief of front yard setback for certain dwellings
   153.056   Outdoor lighting
   153.057   Accessory structures
   153.058   Construction begun prior to adoption of chapter
   153.059   Reduction of lot and yard areas prohibited
   153.060   Use of manufactured homes and similar structures
   153.061   Uses not expressly permitted or subject to prescribed standards
   153.062   Location of required yards on irregular lots
   153.063   Vibration
   153.064   Noise
   153.065   Odor
   153.066   Yard sales
   153.067   Yard requirements not applicable to essential services, Class I
   153.068   Accessory day care center
   153.069   Commercial vehicles
   153.070   Canopies in NB, GB, CC, HB, PB, GMC and GI Districts
   153.071   Canopies and awnings in CB, CBT District
   153.072   Reserved
   153.073   Reserved
   153.074   Supplementary requirements for development in the Central Business and Transitional Business Districts
   153.075   Reserved
   153.076   Bona fide farms in extraterritorial jurisdiction
Establishment of Zoning Districts
   153.090   Introduction
   153.091   General zoning districts
   153.092   Overlay districts
   153.093   Conditional districts
Zoning District Regulations
   153.105   R-25 Rural Residential District
   153.106   R-15 Single-Family Low Density Residential District
   153.107   R-10 Single-Family Medium Density Residential District
   153.108   R-8 Single and Two-Family Medium Density Residential District
   153.109   RMF Residential Multi-Family District
   153.110   R-O Residential Office District
   153.111   O-I Office Institutional District
   153.112   N-B Neighborhood Business District
   153.113   C-B Central Business District
   153.114   CBT Central Business Transitional District
   153.115   G-B General Business District
   153.115.1   HC Highway Commercial District
   153.116   P-B Planned Business District
   153.117   GMC General Manufacturing and Commercial District
   153.117.1   GI General Industrial District
   153.118   ROS Residential Office Single-Family
   153.119   MHO Manufactured Home Overlay District
   153.120   SH Special Highway Overlay District
   153.121   WSW Water Supply Watershed Overlay District
   153.122   Historic Overlay HO District
   153.123   PRD Planned Residential Development District
   153.124   PUD Planned Unit Development District
   153.125   TND Traditional Neighborhood Developments
   153.126   TID Transitional Infill Developments
   153.127   Application requirements, review procedures and watershed overlay cluster developments
   153.128   MHP Manufactured Home Park District
   153.129   CC Commercial Center District
   153.130   Supplementary requirements for certain uses
   153.135   Purpose and applicability
   153.136   Nonconforming uses other than manufactured home parks, signs and junk yards
   153.137   Nonconforming structures
   153.138   Nonconforming accessory structures and uses
   153.139   Nonconforming lots
   153.140   Screening and landscaping
   153.141   Nonconforming off-street parking and/or loading
   153.142   Nonconforming manufactured home (mobile home) parks
   153.143   Nonconforming signs
   153.144   Exceptions to required removal after a specified period of time (amortization)
   153.145   Nonconforming junkyards
   153.160   General intent
   153.161   Sign illumination
   153.162   Unsafe signs
   153.163   Sign area
   153.164   Sign height
   153.165   Permit required and code compliance
   153.166   Signs not requiring permit
   153.167   Prohibited signs
   153.168   Signs permitted in all Residential (R) Districts
   153.169   Signs permitted in the OI, NB, GB, CC, HB, PB, GMC and GI Districts
   153.170   Signs permitted in the C-B Central Business District and the CBT Central Business Transitional District
   153.171   Signs in the SH Special Highway Overlay District
   153.172   Specifications for signs requiring a permit
   153.173   Hotel and lodging facilities sign provisions
   153.174   Additional provision for church signs
   153.175   Fence wraps
Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements
   153.185   Off-street parking requirements
   153.186   Driveways for all uses other than one or two-family residential
   153.187   Off-street loading requirements
   153.188   Off-street parking for nonresidential uses in residential zones
Zoning Administration
   153.255   Administrator
   153.256   Certificate of compliance
   153.257   Designation of Class A status for placement of manufactured homes on individual lots
   153.258   Site plan review requirements
   153.259   [Reserved]
   153.260   [Reserved]
   153.261   Complaints regarding violations
   153.262    Violations
   153.263   Enforcement intent
   153.264   Enforcement procedures
   153.265   Penalties and remedies
   153.266   Civil penalties; assessment and procedures
   153.267   Permit revocation
   153.268   Judicial review
Board of Adjustment
   153.275   Powers, duties and procedures
   153.276   Administrative review
   153.277   Variances
   153.278   Relief to dimensional regulations for authentic restoration or reconstruction of off-street parking requirements in an HO Historic Overlay District
   153.279   Nonconformities
   153.280   Application procedure
   153.281   Appeals from the Board of Adjustment
Historic District Commission
   153.295   Creation
   153.296   Tenure
   153.297   Qualifications
   153.298   Meetings
   153.299   Attendance of meetings
   153.300   Rules of procedure
   153.301   Annual report, required
   153.302   Meeting minutes
   153.303   Commission powers
   153.315   Amendments to text and map
   153.316   Additional provisions pertaining to parallel conditional use zoning amendments
Legal Status Provisions
   153.330   Conflict with other laws
   153.331   Separability
   153.332   Effective date
Implementation of the Statutory Vested Right Provisions of G.S. § § 160D-108
   153.345   Purpose
   153.346   Definitions
   153.347   Establishment of a zoning vested right
   153.348   Approval; procedures and approval authority
   153.349   Duration
   153.350   Termination
   153.351   Voluntary annexation
   153.352   Limitations
   153.353   Repealer
   153.354   Effective date
Subdivision Regulations
   153.370   Authority, purpose and conflict with other laws
   153.371   Plats to be approved
   153.372   Thoroughfare plan
   153.373   School sites on land use plan
   153.374   Zoning and other plans
   153.375   General procedure for plat approval
   153.376   Statement by owner
   153.377   Issuance of building permits on subdivision lots
   153.378   Waivers and modifications
   153.379   Plat shall be required on any subdivision of land
   153.380   Approval prerequisite to plat recordation
   153.381   Appeals
   153.382   Procedure for review of minor subdivisions
   153.383   Submission and review procedure for major subdivisions sketch plan
   153.384   Preliminary major subdivision plat submission and review
   153.385   Final subdivision plat submission and review
   153.386   Planning unit developments (PUDs) and planned residential developments (PRDs)
   153.387   Information to be contained in or depicted on preliminary and final plats
   153.388   Recombination of land
   153.389   Resubdivision procedures
   153.390   General
   153.391   Suitability of land
   153.392   Name duplication
   153.393   Subdivision design
   153.394   Easements
   153.395   Street standards
   153.396   Water and sewer systems
   153.397   Stormwater drainage systems
   153.398   Other requirements
   153.999   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Authority to enact zoning provisions, see G.S. § 160D.702