(A)   Wherever possible no driveway shall access a public street closer than 100 feet from the right-of-way of an intersecting street. Wherever possible no drive shall access a thoroughfare at a point closer than 150 feet from the intersection of the thoroughfare with the right-of-way of another public street. Where these distances are not possible due to lot dimensions or depth, the drive shall be located as far as possible from the intersection. No more than one driveway access to a street will be permitted for each 150 feet (or fraction thereof) of frontage on the street and in no case shall any lot or tract contain greater than two driveway cuts per road frontage.
   (B)   Provided however, any retail use engaged significantly in the sale of automotive fuels to the public using pump islands shall be permitted one additional access point along its total frontage (total includes the total for all streets on which the use fronts) provided the access point is no closer than 36 feet from any other access point and there will be no more than two driveways for any street adjoining the property. Each driveway access shall be at least 24 feet in width but not greater than 36 feet in width.
   (C)   No use may access a public street where, at the point of access, the use is not a permitted use on the side of the street to which the use is accessing.
(Prior UDO, § 10.2)  Penalty, see § 153.999