(A)   Blocks.
      (1)   The lengths, widths and shapes of blocks shall be determined with due regard to:
         (a)   Provision of adequate building sites suitable to the special needs of the type of use contemplated;
         (b)   Zoning requirements;
         (c)   Needs for vehicular and pedestrian circulation;
         (d)   Control and safety of street traffic;
         (e)   Limitations and opportunities of topography; and
         (f)   Convenient access to water areas.
      (2)   Where deemed necessary, by the Planning Board or City Council as part of the plat approval process, a pedestrian crosswalk may be required to provide convenient public access to a public area such as a park or school, to a water area, or to areas such as shopping centers, religious or transportation facilities.
   (B)   Lot dimensions.  All new residential lots in subdivisions shall conform to the following requirements.
      (1)   Residential lot area.
         (a)   All lots in new subdivisions shall conform to the zoning requirements of the zoning district in which the subdivision is located. Conformance to zoning requirements means, among other things, that the smallest lot in the subdivision must meet all dimensional requirements of this chapter. The city may require larger lot sizes in cases where the County Health Department has recommended that based upon the assessment of soil applicator rates and subsoil conditions and other factors limiting the placement of well and septic systems.
         (b)   In determining lot areas, all rights-of-way or areas deeded or reserved for public roads shall be excluded when determining lot areas.
         (c)   In calculating lot area, the following shall not be included:
            1.   Any dedicated road right-of-way;
            2.   Any road right-of-way to be dedicated;
            3.   Any road right-of-way claimed by the State Department of Transportation or the city; and/or
            4.   Any railroad right-of-way.
      (2)   Lot width and road frontage requirements.  Minimum lot width and road frontage requirements shall be as required in the underlying zoning district.
      (3)   Orientation of residential lot lines.  Side lot lines shall be substantially at right angles or radial to street lines. Double-frontage lots shall be avoided wherever possible.
      (4)   Panhandle lots.  Panhandle lots will be allowed in subdivisions provided that they meet the following requirements:
         (a)   In no case shall an entire subdivision or the majority of lots within a subdivision consist of panhandle lots;
         (b)   All panhandle lots shall have a minimum road frontage of 35 feet;
         (c)   The length of the panhandle strip in the lot shall not exceed 100 feet; and
         (d)   The strip shall not be used to determine lot area, lot width or required building setback lines.
      (5)   Minimum lot dimensions.  All minimum lot dimensions may be increased over those required in the zoning regulations in order to meet any applicable requirements of the County Health Department.
(Prior UDO, § 17.23)  Penalty, see § 153.999