(A)   Generally.  The Board of Adjustment shall have all the powers and duties authorized by G.S. § 160A-388, and in the manner provided for in this chapter. Generally, the powers and duties shall include, but not be restricted to the following:
      (1)   Hearing and deciding all appeals from decisions made by the Administrator or the Historic District Commission;
      (2)   Hearing and deciding all appeals for an interpretation of these zoning regulations;
      (3)   Hearing and granting variances from the provisions of this chapter;
      (4)   Hearing applications to replace, change the use of or expand nonconformities; and
      (5)   Hearing and granting permits for certain temporary structures and uses as set forth in § 153.053 of this chapter.
   (B)   Establishment of the Board of Adjustment.
      (1)   A Board of Adjustment is hereby established. The Board shall consist of three regular members appointed by the City Council who reside inside the corporate limits of the city and two  regular members appointed to the Board by the County Board of Commissioners as representatives of the extraterritorial jurisdiction, the extraterritorial representatives being residents of the area. Appointments made by the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners, shall be done only after holding a public hearing on the matter of appointment. Any vacancy in the membership shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as the initial appointment. Each member shall be paid at the rate as set forth in the fee schedule per meeting attended and may be reimbursed for any expenses incurred while representing the Board.
      (2)   Three alternate Board of Adjustment members shall be appointed by the City Council. The members shall serve in the absence of regular Board of Adjustment members. The alternate members shall be appointed in the same manner as regular members. The alternate members, while attending any regular meeting of the Board and serving in the absence of a regular member, shall exercise all of the powers and duties of the regular member so absent.
      (3)   The alternate members shall reside inside the city’s corporate limits and shall be appointed by the City Council. Alternate members shall be compensated in the same manner as regular members.
(Prior UDO, § 15.1)  (Ord. ZTA-3-2013, passed 10-3-2013)