(A)   Generally.  Except as otherwise permitted by this chapter, signs in the C-B and CBT Districts shall be limited to wall signs and canopy or awning signs. Freestanding signs are limited to ground signs and allowed only in accordance with the conditions and provisions outlined in division (F).
   (B)   Wall signs.
General Location
Specific Location
Maximum #
Maximum Area
Max. Hght.
Building walls
Any location on building wall face
10% of the wall area, not to exceed 100 sq. ft.
Not above parapet of building
First floor windows
20% of total window space 
Upper floor windows, if different business
50% of window
Outside entrance to upper floors
Above or beside entrance
8 sq. ft. above entrance; 2 sq. ft. beside entrance
Front of building feet
For historic plaques
4 square feet
   (C)   Canopy and awning signs.  A sign message on a canopy or awning shall contain only the name of the business, street address and/or the type of business, type of goods sold or services rendered.
      (1)   Each business is permitted up to one sign hung under a canopy or awning provided the message on the sign is perpendicular to the building and the sign is at least eight feet above the surface of the sidewalk and is no more than eight square feet in size.
      (2)   A business is permitted to use up to one canopy or awning sign provided that the sign message does not extend in any direction above, below or beyond the canopy or awning edge.
   (D)   Temporary commercial advertising banners.  Temporary commercial advertising banners including grand opening, sale, going out of business and other similar commercial banners are permitted in the Central Business District subject to the following conditions.
      (1)   A temporary use permit must be secured from the Planning Department before a banner is placed upon a premises.
      (2)   The banners shall be placed upon a premises no longer than 12 weeks in a year. Permits may be issued in two-week increments (i.e. six permits per year) or any combination of time frames up to a continuous 12-week provided that the total time a banner shall be displayed on a single premises shall not exceed 12 weeks per year. Permit applications shall be accompanied by a to-scale rendering depicting the banner.
      (3)   The banners shall be professionally prepared.
      (4)   The banners shall be no larger than 32 square feet in size.
      (5)   Banners may be displayed at any location on the front façade of the premises on which it is located.
      (6)   A temporary use permit for a commercial advertising banner shall be issued only after the permit applicant has secured a bond payable to the city in the amount of $50. If the banner is removed within the time frame for which it was permitted, the $50 bond shall be refunded to the permit bearer. If the banner becomes a violation, the city shall redeem the $50 bond.
   (E)   Portable sidewalk signs.  Notwithstanding the requirements of § 95.06, Obstructions (on streets and sidewalks) and § 95.08, Placing objects on streets and sidewalks, of the code of ordinances, portable sidewalk signs (as defined in § 153.031 of this chapter) shall be permitted in the Central Business (CB) and CBT Districts provided that placement of the signs upon a street right-of-way or public property shall be approved by the City Council or its designee.
   (F)   Ground signs. Freestanding  identification signs are  limited to ground signs subject to the following conditions and standards: 
      (1)   The associated business is located in a building that is set back at least ten feet from the abutting sidewalk. If sidewalk does not exist along the street frontage, the building is located at least ten feet from the  back of  the edge of pavement or curb.
      (2)   The sign is to be located a minimum of  five feet behind the abutting sidewalk. If sidewalk does not exist along the street frontage, the sign is to be located at least ten feet from  the back of the edge of pavement or curb.
      (3)   The sign is to be  located a minimum of five feet from any side lot line.
      (4)   The sign is to be located outside of any sight triangle at a street or driveway.
      (5)   The dimensions of the sign  shall conform to the below:
         (a)   Cantilevered ground sign/ post and panel sign.
Display surface (max)
9 sq. ft.
Support height (max)
10 ft.
Sign height (max)
6 ft.
Display surface height, width (max)
3 ft.
         (b)   Monument ground sign.
Display surface (max)
8 sq. ft.
Support height (max)
8 ft.
Sign height (max)
10 ft.
Display surface height, width (max)
12 in.
      (6)   Area associated with the text of a building name or address is exempt from  above maximum display surface calculations.
      (7)   The design and materials used in the construction of the sign shall be consistent with the downtown lincolnton design guidelines for freestanding signage.
      (8)   No freestanding sign within the CBD or CBT district shall be erected until an application for design review has been submitted to and approved by the Design Review Committee (DRC) charged with review and approval of such applications. The DRC shall be a committee comprised of City staff and appointed by the City Manager.
         (a)   Application approval  is required prior to the issuance of a sign permit. The sign permit may be issued subject to reasonable conditions necessary to carry out the purposes of this section.
         (b)   An approved application for design review shall be required whether or not other permits may be required, but said approval does not obviate the necessity of procuring other permits as may be required by law; provided, however, any permit issued other than in conformity with this chapter shall be invalid.
(Prior UDO, § 9.11)  (Ord. ZTA-1-2016, passed 2-4-2016; Am. Ord. O-04-19, passed 6-6-2019) )  Penalty, see § 153.999