(A)   The purpose of this subchapter is to regulate and limit the continued existence of uses and structures established prior to the effective date of this chapter or any amendment subsequent thereto that do not conform to this chapter. Any nonconformity created by a change in the classification of property or the text of this chapter shall be regulated by the provisions of this subchapter. Many nonconformities may continue and in certain circumstances may make limited expansions, but the provisions of this subchapter are designed to limit or curtail substantial investment in nonconformities and to bring about eventual elimination and/or lessen the impact upon surrounding conforming uses in order to preserve the integrity of this chapter.
   (B)   While the intent of this subchapter prefers the eventual elimination of nonconforming uses, the City Council hereby finds that zoning in the city has generally not been successful in eliminating nonconformities, particularly viable ones, and that the public interest may be better served by allowing limited expansions of certain nonconformities whereby the impact of the nonconformity on surrounding and uses is lessened.
(Prior UDO, § 8.1)