Overlay districts are established to provide for certain additional requirements and/or uses for properties located in one or more general zoning districts. Thus, in addition to the requirements of the underlying general zoning district, the provisions of the overlay district and/or any subsequent rezonings may be initiated by an individual, Planning Board or City Council. A zoning map change either establishing or changing any overlay district shall be subject to the same procedures and requirements as any other zoning map change.
   (A)   MHO Manufactured Home Overlay.  The purpose of this district is to provide areas in which Class A manufactured homes can be located on individual lots. In order that these homes, when placed on the lot, are compatible with single-family residences, the MH District does provide certain size, construction and aesthetic standards for manufactured homes by allowing only Class A manufactured homes (as defined in § 153.031). The MH Overlay District supplements the range of uses permitted in the underlying district. All other uses and regulations for the underlying district shall continue to remain in effect for properties classified in the MH Overlay District. The MH Overlay District may only be located in areas that contain a Residential (R) underlying general zoning district. The overlay areas may not consist of an individual lot or scattered lots, but shall consist of a defined area within which additional requirements or standards are placed upon manufactured homes. The intent of this approach is to allow manufactured homes in parts of a zoning district where they would not otherwise be allowed, subject to appropriate conditions. In determining these areas, the City Council will give close consideration to whether manufactured homes would be compatible with surrounding land uses.
   (B)   SH Special Highway Overlay District.  The purpose of this district is to protect and preserve the natural scenic beauty of the landscape of areas which lie near or adjacent to designated Special Highways and that development which takes place on land which lies near the highways be developed in a manner which maximizes the attractiveness of uses and the safety and order of development of the area through the application of additional development standards. Ensuring that development occurs in a manner, it will in turn contribute to and enhance trade, tourism, capital investment, public safety and the general welfare.
   (C)   HO Historic Overlay District.  This shall be an additional zone established pursuant to G.S. Chapter 160A, Article 19, Part 3C which may overlay other zoning districts on the official zoning map. That portion of any zoning district to which the HO District shall apply shall also be delineated on the official zoning map. The HO District is intended as an area in which conservation, preservation, restoration and development of historic character and significance and be fostered and maintained. No Historic District or districts shall be designated until:
      (1)   An investigation and report describing the significance of the buildings, structures, features, sites or surroundings included in any proposed district, and a description of the boundaries of the district has been prepared; and
      (2)   The State Department of Cultural Resources, acting through the State Historic Preservation Officer or his or her designee shall have made an analysis of and recommendations concerning the report and description of proposed boundaries. Failure of the Department to submit its written analysis and recommendations to the City Council within 30 calendar days after a written request for the analysis has been received by the Department of Cultural Resources shall relieve the city of any responsibility for awaiting the analysis, and the City Council may at any time thereafter take any necessary action to adopt or amend the zoning regulations.
(Prior UDO, § 6.3)  Penalty, see § 153.999