(A)   Prior to the preliminary plat submission, the subdivider shall submit to the Administrator two or more copies of a sketch plan of the proposed subdivision containing the following information:
      (1)   A sketch vicinity map including north arrow showing the location of the subdivision in relation to neighboring tracts, subdivisions, roads and waterways;
      (2)   The boundaries of the lot(s) to be subdivided;
      (3)   The total acreage to be subdivided;
      (4)   The existing and proposed uses of the land within the subdivision and the existing uses of land adjoining it;
      (5)   The proposed street layout with approximate pavement and right-of-way widths, lot layout and size of lots;
      (6)   The name, address and telephone number of the owner(s) of the tract to be subdivided;
      (7)   The name of the proposed subdivision;
      (8)   The zoning classification of the lot(s) to be subdivided and of adjacent properties, if applicable; and
      (9)   Parcel identification number (PIN) of the lot(s) to be subdivided.
   (B)   The Administrator shall review the sketch plan for general compliance with the requirements of these regulations and any applicable zoning requirements. The Administrator shall advise the subdivider or his or her authorized agent of the regulations pertaining to the proposed subdivision and the procedures to be followed in the preparation and submission of the preliminary and final plats.
   (C)   One copy of the sketch plan shall be retained as a part of the city’s record by the Administrator with the other copy(ies) being returned to the subdivider or his or her authorized agent along with any comments made by the Administrator concerning the proposed plat.
   (D)   The Administrator shall have 21 days from the receipt of sketch plan to review and make comments. If comments are not forwarded during the period, the subdivider may submit his or her preliminary plat for review having not received comments from the Administrator on the sketch plan.
(Prior UDO, § 17.13)  Penalty, see § 153.999