(A)   Preliminary and final plat approval shall be required for all major subdivisions. Preliminary plat approval of all major subdivisions containing 250 lots or less may be made by the Planning Board. Final approval of all preliminary plats containing over 250 lots or subdivisions that require the placement of oversized utility lines may only be made by the City Council.
   (B)   Regardless of the number of proposed lots, all preliminary plats shall first be reviewed by the Subdivision Technical Review Committee (TRC) prior to submittal to the Planning Board, and, where necessary, to the City Council.
   (C)   All preliminary plats submitted for review shall be accompanied by a nonrefundable submittal fee in accordance with the most City Council’s most recently adopted fee schedule.
   (D)   Preliminary plats shall meet the specifications of § 153.387 of these regulations.
   (E)   At least eight complete copies of the preliminary plat shall be submitted to the Administrator with one of these copies being on reproducible material. The remaining copies shall be considered complete if they contain all of the information required by § 153.387 of these regulations and if the required submittal fee has been paid.
   (F)   Twenty-one days prior to the TRC meeting at which the plat is to be discussed and reviewed, the TRC shall use this 21-day period to review the plat and submit its recommendations to the Planning Board. If this period elapses with no comments from the TRC, the plat shall then be automatically transferred to the Planning Board for their review.
   (G)   (1)   The Planning Board shall have 31 days from the meeting date at which the plat was reviewed to:
         (a)   Approve the plat;
         (b)   Approve the plat with conditions;
         (c)   Approve the plat with modifications per § 153.378;
         (d)   Disapprove the plat; and/or
         (e)   Make a recommendation to the City Council on a plat containing over 250 lots.
      (2)   If no recommendation or decision is made during the 31-day period, the plat shall automatically be submitted to the City Council for their final decision.
   (H)   If the preliminary plat is disapproved, the Administrator shall instruct the subdivider concerning the resubmission of a revised plat and the subdivider may make the changes as will bring the plat into compliance with these regulations. The subdivider shall have 60 days from the date of the denial to resubmit the plat for approval. If a revised plat is not submitted within the period, any future resubmittal will require the payment of an additional filing fee. If the revised plat is resubmitted within the 60-day period, a submission fee shall not again have to be repaid. The resubmitted revised plat shall be reviewed by the TRC, Planning Board and, if necessary, City Council, in the same manner as any other preliminary plat. The Administrator shall retain at least one copy of any disapproved plat along with the reasons for disapproval as part of the city’s official records. A copy of the reasons and any remaining copies of the plat shall also be transmitted to the subdivider.
   (I)   If the preliminary plat is approved, it shall be indicated on the reproducible copy of the plat and the copy shall be retained by the Administrator as part of the city’s official records. Any remaining copies of the approved plat shall be transmitted to the subdivider. If the preliminary plat is approved with conditions, the conditions shall be noted on or attached to the reproducible copy of the plat and shall be retained by the Administrator as part of the city’s official records. A copy of the conditions shall also be transmitted to the subdivider. Once these conditions are met, the plat shall be noted as approved on the reproducible copy. A copy of the approved plat shall then be transmitted to the subdivider. Unless otherwise specified in the terms of approval, the conditions shall have been complied with by the subdivider within 12 months of the date of the conditional approval; otherwise, approval of the preliminary plat shall be null and void.
(Prior UDO, § 17.14)  (Ord. O-04-21, passed - - )  Penalty, see § 153.999