(A)   To accommodate the difference between traditional lot-by-lot subdivisions and PUDs/PRDs, the city may waive or modify the design standards of these regulations and incorporate design standards applicable only to planned developments as set forth in §§ 153.123 through 153.127 of this chapter. The waivers or modifications shall not be subject to the approval procedures outlined in § 153.378 of these regulations. To be reviewed under the PRD/PUD procedures a development must meet the criteria set forth in §§ 153.123 or 153.124 of this chapter.
   (B)   The subdivision design standards may be waived or modified for PRDs provided that the intent of these regulations is not mollified or lessened and provided that sufficient proof is given substantiating the adequacy of the attentive design. Planned unit developments and planned residential development shall follow the review procedures and development standards as set forth in §§ 153.123 through 153.127 of this chapter.
   (C)   All PRDs/PUDs shall be considered major subdivisions and shall follow all applicable procedures set forth for the approval of the subdivisions. The subdivision approval process may occur at the same time with the PRD/PUD approval process.
   (D)   The Planning Board, Committee and Administrator shall coordinate their review and advisory efforts wherever feasible in order to limit any unnecessary delays.
(Prior UDO, § 17.16)  (Ord. O-04-21, passed - - ) Penalty, see § 153.999