(A)   (1)   Any manufactured home park which is not constructed in accordance with the standards set forth in § 153.202 of this chapter and/or is a use which is not a use permitted in the district in which it is located, shall be allowed to continue in operation for a period of ten years following the effective date of this chapter.
      (2)   Thereafter, the manufactured home parks shall either:
         (a)   Cease operation and all manufactured homes shall be removed;
         (b)   Be reconstructed to conform to the following requirements:
            1.   Space dimensions and sizes shall be dictated by on-site sewage disposal standards contained in county’s environmental health regulations. Otherwise no setback, minimum lot size or other dimensional requirements shall apply; and
            2.   No manufactured home shall be placed in a manufactured home park unless it meets the standards of either Class A manufactured home or Class B manufactured home as defined in § 153.031 of this chapter.
         (c)   The location of each manufactured home stand must be at an elevation, distance and angle in relation to the adjacent access drive so that placement and removal of the manufactured home is practical by means of customary moving equipment. All manufactured homes shall have a continuous brick, cinder block, concrete block, stucco, stone or other masonry-type underpinning or other skirting specifically manufactured for manufactured homes, or pressure treated wood (but plain standard surface pressure treated plywood is not acceptable), unpierced except for required ventilation and an access door. The underpinning and skirting shall be installed under all elements of the manufacture home. Each manufactured home in the park shall conform to the State Department of Insurance Standards for tie-down requirements. All replacement skirting in nonconforming manufactured home parks shall be of a nonreflective type;
         (d)   Section 153.202(J) (manufactured home parks) shall apply;
         (e)   Each manufactured home park shall have a space number affixed either to the manufactured home or on a post or stand made of durable material. The number shall be set at a location as to clearly indicate the space to which it is assigned;
         (f)   Interior streets must be sufficient to carry normal traffic entering and leaving the manufactured home park;
         (g)   Section 153.202(P) (manufactured home parks) shall apply;
         (h)   Section 153.202(Q) (manufactured home parks) shall apply;
         (i)   Section 153.202(BB) (manufactured home parks) shall apply; and
         (j)   Where a manufactured home park is adjacent to a public street or road, street landscaping shall be required as follows:
            1.   The landscaping shall be provided in a designated landscaped area, which shall include, as width, at least the first 12 feet of the front yard and side yard as measured from the street right-of-way line;
            2.   Landscaping shall consist of, at a minimum, four small trees and 12 shrubs or four large trees per 100 linear feet of lot frontage on street right-of-way. No part of the landscaped area shall be left as bare soil; or
            3.   In the event that unusual topography or size of a parcel to be developed would make strict adherence to these requirements serve no meaningful purpose or would make it physically impossible to install and/or maintain the required screen, the provisions of § 153.046(D)of this chapter shall apply.
      (3)   A manufactured home park that is a nonconforming use may continue after the ten-year period only if it conforms or is improved to conform to the requirements of § 153.202 of this chapter. Provided however, no manufactured home park, as long as it remains a nonconforming use, shall be allowed to occupy lands beyond the boundaries of the tract on which it was located at the time it became nonconforming except to comply with the requirements of § 153.202 of this chapter. In no case shall any nonconforming manufactured home park either nonconforming as a use or nonconforming due to the standards of this chapter be allowed an increase in the number of manufactured home spaces unless it shall first become both a conforming use and conforming to the standards of § 153.202 of this chapter.
      (4)   In meeting the requirements of § 153.202 certain requirements in that section are waived for nonconforming manufactured home parks in bringing them into conformance with this chapter. Those requirements waived are as follows:
         (a)   Section 153.202(A), Occupancy;
         (b)   Section 153.202(B), Minimum Park Area;
         (c)   Section 153.202(L), Public Road Frontage of Park; and
         (d)   Section 153.202(M), Ingress and Egress.
   (B)   During the period nonconforming manufactured home parks are allowed to continue in operation as provided for in this section the following requirements shall be met:
      (1)   Any expansion of the manufactured home parks (this is only permitted where a manufactured home park is a conforming use) shall conform to § 153.202 of this chapter;
      (2)   If the park ceases operation for a period of greater than 90 days it shall only be re-established in accordance with §§ 153.200 through 153.202 of this chapter (cessation of operation occurs when either all manufactured homes have been removed or when a manufactured home park is closed by a public authority due to violation of law); and
      (3)   When a space vacancy occurs or when one manufactured home is replaced with another manufactured home, the replacement manufactured home shall meet the requirements of either Class A or Class B manufactured homes as defined in § 153.031 of this chapter.
(Prior UDO, § 8.8)  Penalty, see § 153.999