(A)   Any plat or any part of any plat may be vacated by the owner at any time before the sale of any lot in the subdivision by gaining approval of and filing a plat inconsistent with the originally approved plat or by filing a plat showing the tract without the lots as if no lots have been sold.
   (B)   The replatting of any previously platted property shall not abridge or destroy any public rights.
   (C)   The filing and recording of an amended plat as described in division (A) above of these regulations shall serve to destroy the force and effect of the recording of the plat so vacated, and to divest all public rights in the streets, alleys and public grounds and all dedications laid out or described in the plat.
   (D)   When lots have been sold, the plat may be vacated or amended by all owners of the lots in the plat joining in the execution of the writing.
   (E)   Streets which have not been used within 15 years of dedication may be deemed abandoned. The withdrawal of dedication shall be consistent with G.S. § 136-96.
(Prior UDO, § 17.18)  Penalty, see § 153.999