(A)   If the City Council and County Board of Education have jointly determined the specific location and size of any school sites to be reserved and if this information appears in an adopted plan of the city, the Administrator shall immediately notify the Board of Education in writing whenever a sketch plan for a subdivision is submitted which includes all or part of a school site to be reserved. The Board of Education shall promptly decide whether it still wishes the site to be reserved. If the Board of Education does not wish to reserve the site, it shall so notify the Administrator in writing. If the Board of Education does wish to reserve the site, the subdivision shall not be approved without the reservation.
   (B)   The Board of Education shall then have 18 months beginning on the date of final approval of the subdivision within which to acquire the site by purchase or by exercise of the power of eminent domain. If the Board of Education has not purchased or begun proceedings to condemn the site within 18 months, the subdivider may treat the land as freed of the reservation.
(Prior UDO, § 17.3)  Penalty, see § 153.999