(A)   Any sign which the Administrator determines to obstruct the view of motorists, bicyclists or pedestrians using any street or walkway, approach to any street intersection or ingress to or egress from any driveway or parking area, or which obscures or interferes with the effectiveness of any traffic sign;
   (B)   Illuminated, highly reflective signs or spotlights which the Administrator determines to hamper the vision of motorists or bicyclists;
   (C)   Signs, lights, rotating disks, words and other devices that resemble traffic signals, traffic signs or emergency vehicle lights;
   (D)   Signs, other than government signs, which contain lights, rotating disks, words and other devices not erected by a public authority that may be erroneously construed as government signs or emergency warning signs;
   (E)   Any exterior sign that interferes with free passage from or obstructs any fire escape, downspout, window, door, stairway, ladder or opening intended as a means of ingress or egress or providing light or air;
   (F)   Any sign placed on any curb, sidewalk, post, pole, hydrant, bridge, tree or other surface located on, over or across any public street or right-of-way unless authorized by the City Council or the State Department of Transportation;
   (G)   Any sign, other than a government sign, with visible moving parts either windblown or motorized except as provided in § 153.166(N) of this chapter;
   (H)   Any sign located in a way as to intentionally deny an adjoining property owner visual access to an existing sign;
   (I)   Flashing signs or any signs with flashing or intermittent light or lights or reflective devices of changing degree of intensity or color. Signs with devices which produce flashing light and signs which produce scrolled messages are prohibited, however, signs which give time and temperature are permitted, provided the messages are limited to only time and/or temperature. If a time and temperature sign alternates between a time message and a temperature message it shall continuously show one message a minimum of three seconds time before switching to the other message;
   (J)   Portable signs (excluding temporary signs otherwise permitted in § 153.166(L) of this chapter);
   (K)   Vehicular signs;
   (L)   Advertising signs; and
   (M)   Other signs not expressly permitted by this chapter.
(Prior UDO, § 9.8)  Penalty, see § 153.999