General Provisions
   113.01   Scope
   113.02   Definitions
   113.03   Possession of alcoholic beverages in public places
   113.04   Consumption of alcoholic beverages on private property
License Regulations
   113.15   License personal privilege
   113.16   Application for license; specific forms
   113.17   Restrictions on issuance of license
   113.18   Classification of licenses; fees
   113.18.1  License fee
   113.18.2  Live entertainment
   113.19   Issuance of license
   113.20   Limitation on number of licenses
   113.20.1   License notification requirements
   113.21   Duration of license; proration of fee
   113.22   Renewal
   113.23   Posting of license
   113.24   Change of location
   113.25   Suspension or revocation of license
   113.26   Unlawful denial of use of accommodations and privileges by agents or employees of licensee
Retail Sales
   113.35   Responsibility for proper operation of business
   113.36   Hours of sales
   113.37   Closing hours for licensed premises
   113.38   Premises to be kept in sanitary condition
   113.39   Contagious diseases among employees
   113.40   Use of slot machines, pinball machines, and other devices
   113.41   Live entertainment; undesirable elements or disorderly conduct prohibited
   113.42   Sales near churches, school and the like
   113.43   Sales in certain premises prohibited
   113.44   Sale to minors or intoxicated persons; exception
   113.45   Sealing and removal of open wine bottles
Persons 21 Years and Under
   113.55   Display of notice
   113.56   Prohibiting persons under age of 21 to remain on licensed premises
   113.57   Written evidence of age and identity required
   113.58   Misrepresentation of age
   113.59   Purchase or possession of alcoholic liquor; exception
   113.60   Tending bar by underage persons prohibited
   113.61   Sale, gift or delivery to minor
   113.62   Possession or consumption of alcohol by a gathering including minor at residence
   113.63   Parental responsibility
Fall Festival
   113.75   Permit required; application
   113.76   Application fee
   113.77   Approval or denial of application
   113.78   Duration
   113.79   Balustrades; construction and requirements
   113.80   (Reserved)
   113.81   Outdoor beer garden/cafe construction and requirements
Administration and Enforcement
   113.90   Local Liquor Control Commissioner
   113.91   Records of licenses to be kept
   113.92   Right of entry for inspection
   113.93   Hearings before Local Liquor Control Commissioner
   113.98   Violations
   113.99   Penalty
   Public intoxication, see § 132.08